We have a responsibility to care for the environment. We believe this care should be integrated into all aspects of our operations.

We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our activities and we support of the principles of sustainable development.

The following policy guidelines detail the principal commitments we have set for ourselves:


  • As a minimum, we comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations.
  • We consider environmental responsibility as a factor in our decision-making.
  • We work with regulatory agencies, advisers, auditors and other interested parties as regulations exist, we set our own guidelines.
  • We maintain an environmental management system, review impacts, set targets and report on performance.

Carbon management

  • We have made a strategic commitment, to be a climate neutral company for those aspects under our direct control. As part of this commitment we invest in carbon management including consideration of our environmental impact as an integral element of investment decision-making. Carbon abatement is a priority for us.
  • We consider opportunities for direct investment in renewable energy production at our sites. We also assess opportunities to take up green energy options.
  • We monitor the energy and water used in our office buildings and set realistic targets to manage their use.
  • We monitor our business travel and offer alternatives such as teleconferencing and videoconferencing.

Resource use

  • We adopt effective procedures to minimise waste production and to promote the recycling of unused product and packaging.
  • We expect our suppliers to work with us in meeting our environmental objectives. For our key suppliers of goods and services, environmental requirements are an integral part of new contracts and contract reviews.
  • We design and plan new facilities, refurbishments and internal moves to legislative and other standards that will minimise use of construction resources and improve environmental performance.
  • We encourage our people to contribute to the development of environmental initiatives through joining the Health, Safety and Environment Committees or providing feedback to the Health & Safety Manager or any members of the Environmental Management Review team.

Our environmental policy is publicly available and is reviewed annually.

(May 2014)