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Explore the range of business resources available to university level students.

Management resources

Explore the latest university management resources including management essentials, organisational behaviour, strategic management and entrepreneurship & managing change.

Economics resources

Explore the latest economics resources for university students, macroeconomics and microeconomics, to economics in Australia and internationally.

Finance resources

Explore the latest finance resources for university students, including corporate finance, financial management & markets in Australia and globally.

Accounting resources

Explore the latest accounting resources for university students, from accounting to non-specialists, to decision-makers and business students.

Marketing resources

Explore the latest university marketing resources including principles of marketing, consumer behaviour, marketing research & planning, international marketing and marketing communications.

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Explore university resources

Browse the latest university resources from Pearson with digital options such as eBooks, Revel, Mylabs / Mastering and more.

Stay up-to-date

Explore webinars and blog posts to help you make sense of the latest events and trends in the Australian and Global economy.

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