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Custom PDHPE Syllabus K-6

Pearson Custom develop engaging, high-quality customised workbooks with expert consultancy for K-6 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) syllabus in NSW, and for beginner readers Australia-wide in year prep.

iiTomo, 2nd Edition

The only series to offer a full 7-12 Japanese solution, aligned to state syllabuses and the Australian Curriculum.

Bug Club Phonics - Components

There are 134 fully decodable fiction and non-fiction readers for the explicit teaching of phonics at Emergent and Early stages.

Little Books

Mathology Little Books are fiction and non-fiction books for years F-2. Each title focuses on a BIG idea in maths and includes a supporting Teacher’s Guide. There are 54 x Mathology F-2 Little Books available


Pearson Mathology F-2 is a flexible, research-based maths resource for teachers to help engage students, differentiate lessons and conduct effective formative assessment. 

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