Longman Children's Picture Dictionary with CD

Carolyn Graham

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Longman Children's Picture Dictionary with CD

By Carolyn Graham
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Carolyn Graham
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The Longman Children's Picture Dictionary uses fun, child-centred scenes to illustrate 800 words, organised into 50 topics complete with songs and chants by Carolyn Graham.

The dictionary is divided into two sections. The first section contains the 50 double-page illustrations. The second section contains an alphabetical word list, a thematic word list, an index for the dialogs and the complete lyrics for the 50 songs and chants.

Two CDs are included at the back of the student book. They are designed for use in class by the teacher and at home by the students. They include the pronunciation models for all the vocabulary words and dialogs from the Picture Dictionary pages. They also include 50 songs and chants plus their full karaoke versions.

  • Vocabulary: Each topic contains 10–20 vocabulary words. Small illustrations and numbers are placed next to each word for easy reference.
  • Dialogs: The dialogs use many of the vocabulary words in short, meaningful exchanges. They provide practice in some of the most common functions of language like asking for information. Many of the dialogs can be used for role-play and the words are colour-coded red, green, blue or purple, indicating which ones can be substituted into each dialog. Words with a black number are not designed to fit the dialogs.
  • Activity: Each topic has one or more activities, which can be used to practice the vocabulary words, or personalise the topic. Most of the activities present an idea that can be expanded upon by the teacher.
  • Songs and Chants: Each topic contains a song or chant and its karaoke version, to help children practice the vocabulary words in a lively and creative way.
  • Hidden Object: One item from Topic 1 Alphabet is hidden in each of the dictionary illustrations.

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