LEAP 3 - Reading and Writing Book + eText + MyLab, 2nd Edition

Julia Williams

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LEAP 3 - Reading and Writing Book + eText + MyLab, 2nd Edition

By Julia Williams
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Julia Williams
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Each chapter includes three authentic reading texts on a contemporary topic, reflecting real academic reading tasks and presenting a variety of styles and points of view. Students refine their knowledge of grammar notions to build accuracy , which they apply in writing tasks, and learn mostly academic vocabulary in focused Vocabulary Build sections. Focuses on skills (listening/speaking) develop students language strategies, which they apply first in the Warm-Up Assignment and then in the Final Assignment. An explicit focus on a critical thinking strategy in each chapter is reinvested through activities that foster reflection, analysing different points of view and synthesis. A models chapter provides students with guidance and examples for writing the different types of texts featured in the chapters.

What’s new
  • Objectives developed with GSE learning goals
  • Focus on Critical Thinking in each chapter and Critical Connections task at the end of the chapter to reinvest content
  • Focus on Accuracy in each chapter to refine student’s knowledge of English grammar
  • Listening and Speaking Coursebook includes a video extract in each chapter
  • More emphasis on STEM topics
  • Updated content: 80% new readings and listening texts
  • Improved organisation and content in My eLab
LEAP My eLab offers:
  • self-graded exercises to reinforce and extend classroom learning and help students succeed
  • additional, flexible content for students and teachers who want to go beyond the coursebook
  • resource documents, testing materials and an easy-to-use gradebook to support teachers
Series overview

LEAP features a cross-curricular approach to teaching students the vocabulary and skills they need to thrive in a real-life academic context, while helping them apply critical thinking to a variety of global issues.

This four-level program - LEAP 1 (High Beginner: CEFR Level A1+-B1), LEAP 2 (Intermediate - CEFR Level B1), LEAP 3 (High Intermediate - CEFR Level B2) and LEAP 4 (Advanced - CEFR Level C1) - delivers a flexible, discrete skills approach that uses high-interest international content to prepare students for the academic world.

Table of contents
  • CHAPTER 1 • robot futures
  • READING 1 Robot Futures
  • READING 2 Press Release from Aeryon Labs
  • WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write Short Answers
  • READING 3 Here Come the Robots
  • FINAL ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Answer Test
  • CHAPTER 2 • internationalization of education
  • READING 1 Profile of an International Student
  • WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Report
  • READING 2 The Contemporary Landscape of University Internationalization
  • READING 3 The Internationalization of Higher Education
  • FINAL ASSIGNMENT Design a Survey and Write an Extended Report
  • CHAPTER 3 • buying and selling innovative products
  • READING 1 Introduction to Innovation
  • READING 2 The Buyer Decision Process for New Products
  • WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Process Essay  
  • READING 3 Adoption of Innovation
  • FINAL ASSIGNMENT Write a Longer Process Essay
  • CHAPTER 4 • the social impact of marketing
  • READING 1 What Is Marketing?
  • WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Cause and Effect Essay
  • READING 2 Social Criticisms of Marketing
  • READING 3 Culture Jam
  • FINAL ASSIGNMENT Write a Cause and Effect Essay
  • CHAPTER 5 • the science of nutrition
  • READING 1 Understanding Healthy Body Weight
  • WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Compare and Contrast Essay
  • READING 2 Of Bananas and Cavemen
  • READING 3 Losing Weight, Gaining Life
  • FINAL ASSIGNMENT Write a Compare and Contrast Essay
  • CHAPTER 6 • digital currencies
  • READING 1 Digital Cash for a Digital Age
  • READING 2 Frequently Asked Questions from the Bitcoin Website
  • WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Paraphrase a Paragraph
  • READING 3 The Rise of Bitcoin
  • FINAL ASSIGNMENT Write a Cause and Effect Essay
  • CHAPTER 7 • the internet of things
  • READING 1 Introduction to the Internet of Things
  • WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Summary
  • READING 2 Too Clever for Comfort
  • READING 3 Researchers Hack the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV
  • FINAL ASSIGNMENT Integrate a Summary into a Persuasive Essay
  • CHAPTER 8 • the slow food movement
  • READING 1 In Praise of Slowness: Turning the Tables on Speed
  • READING 2 Restoring Food to Its Central Place
  • WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Persuasive Essay
  • READING 3 The Ideology of Slow Food
  • FINAL ASSIGNMENT Write an Extended Persuasive Essay