Bagus sekali! 2 Student Book

By Julie Newnham, Soepri Soehodo

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The journey of discovery and adventure continues as students enter the linguistically and culturally rich world of Bagus sekali! 2.

The photo-stories are set in Medan, North Sumatra, providing a very different cultural context to that of Levels 1 and 3. Reflecting the multi-cultural population of Medan, the students who feature in the photo-stories are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, and their many varied activities provide a fascinating base for students’ oral and reading development. A visit to Jakarta and village life in North Sumatra provide further variety and cultural interest.

Themes in Bagus sekali! 2 include making plans and getting around town, shopping, holidays, eating out, native and/or wild animals and the geography of Indonesia, daily life, clothes and weather.

Years 8–9
Pearson takes great pride in our authors. We source authors and contributors that are industry leading experts, with extensive experience of teaching and learning in their fields, from every state of Australia. We commission only the best authors who offer valuable insights and something unique to bring to the project.
Contributing Authors: Julie Newham, and Soepri Soehodo
Other features:
  • A Bacalah ini! section. Longer reading passages are provided in a variety of text-types. They include: recipes; quizzes; magazine articles; emails; poems; role-plays; songs; letters; advertising. All material has been recently researched and gathered on location by the authors specifically for Bagus sekali! 2
  • The Kamu berdua and Beginilah! sections as featured in Bagus sekali! 1 will also feature in Bagus sekali! 2 to further extend the learners speaking skills and their understanding of the language.
  • a wealth of accessible, structured speaking activities: some resemble those in Bagus sekali! 1, others take different approaches suited to the more sophisticated material and the student’s age
  • more explicit and detailed grammatical points
  • Cultural information is immersed throughout Bagus sekali! 2 as well as the Indonesia asyik! section. Students will gain an insight into the culture of Medan and North Sumatra, as well as the modern Jakarta lifestyle.
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Series overview
This series is a three-level, junior secondary to middle secondary Indonesian course. Researched on location in Indonesia, it represents a refreshingly imaginative response to current curriculum guidelines and classroom needs.
Table of contents
  • Langkah 1: Kamu sedang apa?
  • Langkah 2: Wah! Saya lapar sekali!
  • Langkah 3: Hore, saya yang menang!
  • Langkah 4: Mau hujan! Pakai baju apa, ya?
  • Langkah 5: Di pasar buah!
  • Langkah 6: Akir minggu yang lalu asyik!
  • Langkah 7: Keliling kota!
  • Langkah 8: Ayo kita berlibur!