Bagus sekali! 3 Student Book

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Bagus sekali! 3 Student Book

By Kim Cartwright, Soepri Soehodo
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Kim Cartwright all
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Set in contemporary Indonesia, Bagus sekali! 3 examines themes in greater depth appropriate to middle secondary school years. New language structures are integrated with the thorough revision and consolidation of language learnt in earlier school years. Language is tackled to provide older students with greater challenges. Indonesian etiquette, appropriate registers of language and codes of behaviour are also addressed in further details in this level.

The topics and language points of Bagus sekali! 3 have been carefully selected to appeal to teenagers while addressing current curriculum guidelines. Learning technology activities are integrated into the course in line with today's multimedia learning environment.

Students will be captivated by the rich blend of photos and cartoons that deliberately combine culture, humour and language in order to enhance the language-learning experience.

Pearson takes great pride in our authors. We source authors and contributors that are industry leading experts, with extensive experience of teaching and learning in their fields, from every state of Australia. We commission only the best authors who offer valuable insights and something unique to bring to the project.
Contributing Authors: Julie Newham, Elise Wackett, Soepri Soehodo and Kim Cartwright
The Level 3 Textbook includes the following:

Learn how to
Each langkah begins with a Learn how to section, providing students with learning outcomes for each unit.

Researched and set entirely on location in Java, in the culturally important and beautiful city of Yogyakarta, themes covered focus on teenage interests. Modern language is used and students will enjoy being up-to-date with an understanding of popular teenage expressions as well as having a firm grasp of the more formal aspects of language use.

Oral Activities
A wealth of speaking activities ranging from controlled, guided structures to freer, more open-ended activities provide the building blocks for students to apply Indonesian to their own lives. They include:

  • Cobalah ini!
    Short oral drills that focus on key language points firstly introduced in the photo-stories. Photos, realia and illustrations provide students with the stimulus to practise their new skills.
  • Bicara bebas!
    This section enables students to showcase their accumulated language skills. Fun activities, where the students get to use their language independently, are presented in a variety of relevant text types, such as interviews, quizzes, surveys and phone calls.
  • Berani coba?
    These extension activities are ideal for the multilevel classroom.

These short paragraphs alert students to a tricky language point or explain an unusual phrase.

Mari bermain!
Language learnt is further consolidated through fun, competitive games.

Tidak begitu susah!
Grammatical points are presented in a more explicit, detailed and systematic manner, suitable for the more mature language student.

Three fun songs are provided for students’ enjoyment.

Kata-kata baru
A vocabulary section is provided on each chapter as well as an English/Indonesian, Indonesian/English section at the back of the Textbook.

Jangan lupa!
A quick revision of earlier language learnt in previous levels is provided.

Indonesia asyik!
Bagus sekali! is saturated with Indonesian culture, from the photo-stories to the realia and photos contained in the oral activities. Useful tips about Indonesian culture, customs and etiquette are also provided.

Target audience
Years 9–10
Series overview
This series is a three-level, junior secondary to middle secondary Indonesian course. Researched on location in Indonesia, it represents a refreshingly imaginative response to current curriculum guidelines and classroom needs.
Table of contents

  • Langkah 1: Tentu saja saya berani?
  • Star signs
  • Part-time jobs
  • Personality
    Meet Hendri, Hadi, Nurita, Yeyen and Imam - five Indonesian teenagers who are from Yogyakarta who are the characters in our book. Judge for yourself if you think Nurita should become a singer.
  • Langkah 2: Silakan masuk dan selamat makan!
  • Social etiquette
  • Visiting others
  • Wedding ceremony
    Hadi meets an Australian guy, Mick and invites him home to meet his family. Mick never thought sitting down to a plate of nasi goreng could be so tricky.
  • Langkah 3: Mari memasak!
  • Cooking
  • Recipes
  • Indonesian dishes
    The group decide to cook dinner together. The food is great, but what happens to Imam?
  • Langkah 4: Wow! Keren!
  • Art
  • Music
  • Expressing preferences
  • Making choices
    Yeyen searches for a birthday present for her mum and Imam tries to decide on a new CD to buy. Obviously everybody gives their advice.
  • Langkah 5: Peduli lingkungan
  • Environment
  • Rare animals
  • Internet
    The group decide to help save the orang-utan and a love letter is written to Nurita from a secret admirer.
  • Langkah 6: Ke dokter atau ke dukun?
  • Going to the doctor
  • Mystics
  • Jamu
    Wahyu and Ipul, two new characters visit the doctor and the dukun to try and solve Wahyu's love sickness.
  • Langkah 7: Wah! Film itu asyik!
  • Making social arrangements
  • Expressing opinions
    Hendri, Yeyen and Nurita go to the movies and bump in to Wahyu and Ipul. The plot thickens.
  • Langkah 8: Jatuh cinta!
  • Relationships
  • Expressing feelings
    The group hang out together on the weekend. Hendri and Yeyen, Wahyu and Nurita go for a walk in the garden. Could it be jatuh cinta?

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