Sails Emergent Level Shared Reading Year 1 Audio CD

Jill Eggleton

Sails Emergent Level Shared Reading Year 1 Audio CD

By Jill Eggleton
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Jill Eggleton
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The Sails Literacy Series is the perfect resource for Guided Reading and Writing, Reciprocal Reading and Independent Reading. The engaging visuals and subjects will motivate your students to read for pleasure and for information.

The Sails Literacy Series develops:

  • analytical thinking skills
  • decoding and comprehension skills
  • understanding of fiction and non-fiction
  • understanding of purpose, structure and genre.

This CD includes recordings of the 12 big books/shared readers.


Sails Shared Reading Series

  • rhythm and rhyme magic and humour
  • repetitive chunks of language
  • stories with impact and rich language that can withstand repeated readings
  • Available as enlarged shared readers, reduced shared books (255 x 172 mm, 24pp) and Audio CDs available for follow up learning centre and listening post activities.
Supplement URL
Visit the Sails Literacy website for further information about the series, components charts and samples.
Table of contents

This CD contains the following titles:

  • The King's Cake
  • Hetty Hackett's Farm
  • The Giant's Ice Cream
  • Monkey's Shoes
  • Grumpy Bear
  • Lazy Duck
  • Little Goat's Coat
  • The Swamp Eggs
  • Bubble Trouble!
  • Davy D's Dog
  • Elephant is Stuck
  • Rabbit and Rooster's Ride