Barista: A Guide to Espresso Coffee

Jill Adams

Barista: A Guide to Espresso Coffee

By Jill Adams
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Jill Adams
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In the recent past, positions for workers in cafés and other food and beverage outlets were advertised as ‘coffee makers’. Over the past few years the word ‘barista’ has appeared, reflecting the importance of the area of coffee making in the food and beverage industry. Barista – A Guide to Espresso Coffee has been written to reflect the increased level of professionalism of this position, providing students with a solid grounding for the roles they may undertake.

This book covers the full range of underpinning knowledge for the competency THHBFB12B Prepare and serve espresso coffee and provides complete instruction in espresso making skills. It includes comprehensive information on the procedures for making espresso coffee, and information on how coffee is produced and the history of coffee in Australia.

As well as extensive coverage on the espresso menu, the steps in making espresso coffee, milk texturing, ascertaining the correct grind, setting up and cleaning and the relevance of these activities in the barista role, the text also provides detailed assessment activities for students to practice their skills and knowledge.

  • A comprehensive guide to the whole coffee making process provides students with a rich source of information relevant to industry and the role of the barista
  • Designed to engage students in the subject, improving the acquisition of the skills and knowledge
  • Highly illustrated with numerous photographs and drawings to provide visual links for students when not actually practicing skills
  • Provides students with a range of self assessment opportunities
Target audience

This text supports the knowledge and skills components of the following competency standard:

  • THHBFB12B     Prepare and serve espresso coffee
  • SITHFAB012A      Prepare and serve espresso coffee
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Table of contents
  1. Introduction to Coffee 
  2. A Brief History of Coffee Drinking 
  3. ABC of Espresso 
  4. The Grinder 
  5. Milk Texturing 
  6. Getting Started and Cleaning Up 
  7. Assessing Your Skills
Appendix 1: Barista Championship Scoresheet
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