Red Rocket Readers: World Explorers Pack (Reading Level 1-2/F&P Level A-B)

Pam Holden

Red Rocket Readers: World Explorers Pack (Reading Level 1-2/F&P Level A-B)

By Pam Holden
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Pam Holden
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Where did you go and what did you see there? What did you hear? What smells did you notice? How did you feel?

World Explorers help children observe and categorise the things they see in the world around them, laying the foundations for literacy by building vocabulary, developing book handling skills, and recognising word and picture associations.

This pack contains 1 copy each of 8 titles: Come to the Airport, At the Supermarket, Come to the City, Come to the Farm, Come to the Hospital, Come to the Zoo, Look on the Road, Look Outside.

Reading Level 1-2/F&P Level A-B

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Red Rocket Readers is an award-winning reading series offering a balanced selection of 590 instructional books all carefully crafted and levelled to ensure early reading success. Designed for small group instruction, intervention and special education. It's the perfect choice for classroom libraries and levelled bookrooms.