Hai! 4 Student Book

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Hai! 4 Student Book

By Sue Burnham, Michael Sedunary
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Hai! provides a fresh, easy-to-use choice for busy teachers of Japanese. With six semester-length, topic-based stages, Hai! is geared to the crucial middle years where student motivation and experience of progress are so important.

In Hai! 4, students meet Jake who is spending a year at Susono East Junior High School, near Mt Fuji. Students learn about school life and club activities in Japan through Jake's informative and lively emails.

Pearson takes great pride in our authors. We source authors and contributors that are industry leading experts, with extensive experience of teaching and learning in their fields, from every state of Australia. We commission only the best authors who offer valuable insights and something unique to bring to the project.
Contributing Authors: Sue Burnham, Michael Sedunary, Takanori Hayakawa, Trudi Sampson, Yoshie Burrows, Teruko Sharif, Ayumi Dalpadado, Elise Wackett and Margaret McIntyre
  • Stimulating topics that integrate language and culture in clever and amusing ways to accommodate different student abilities and learning styles.
  • Original photographs taken on location
  • Range of extended oral activities
  • Seven kanji introduced, bringing the total number of kanji for Hai! 1 - Hai! 4, to 43.
Target audience
Middle Secondary
Series overview
Hai! is an easy-to-use course, tailored to the crucial middle years where student motivation, participation and experience of progress are so important. Each of the six topic-based stages builds on previously met vocabulary, grammatical structures and script to provide a smooth transition from one stage to the next. Script is introduced in topic-related contexts. On completion of Hai! 1–6, students will be able to read and write hiragana, katakana and 70 kanji.
Table of contents
  • Hai! 4 Go, go !
  • Middle Secondary
  • Unit Topics
  • Let’s go Susono!
  • Count on getting to school!
  • The last time!
  • While we’re on the subject . . .
  • From year to year
  • It’s all in the past