Top Stories 2

Jo Ryan

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Top Stories 2

By Jo Ryan
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Jo Ryan
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Top Stories 1 and Top Stories 2 brings together some of Australia's best writers, showcasing the art of the short story. Top Stories 1 and Top Stories 2 feature writing that is imaginative, moving, profound, funny, innovative, playful and varied, all of which can be read and studied in one English lesson.

The stories are aimed at junior and middle secondary students, catering for a variety of learning levels.

Target audience
Years 9-10 students
Table of contents
  1. Margo Lanagan - Singing My Sister Down
  2. Sherryl Clark - Fresh Bait
  3. Victor Kelleher - Future Shock
  4. Libby Gleeson - Farewell
  5. Archimede Fusillo - The Plaster Cast
  6. David Metzenthen - Teaching Learning
  7. Paul Collins - The House that Liked People
  8. Nick Earls - Twenty-minute Hero
  9. Gary Crew - The Last Cabinet
  10. Garth Nix - Charlie Rabbit
  11. Tim Winton - Distant Lands
  12. Barry Dickins - We Fought Them on the Beaches, and We Never Gave In
  13. Isobelle Carmody - Green Monkey Dreams
  14. James Moloney - The Cat and the Crow
  15. Sophie Masson - Bells Underwater
  16. Brian Caswell - Loop
  17. David McRobbie - Meeting Guy

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