ACI Advanced Monitoring and Troubleshooting

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ACI Advanced Monitoring and Troubleshooting

By Sadig Memon, Carlo Schmidt, Joseph Ristaino
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Sadig Memon all
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This expert guide and reference will help you confidently deploy, support, monitor, and troubleshoot ACI fabrics and components. It is also designed to help you prepare for your Cisco DCACIA (300-630) exam, earning Cisco Certified Specialist ACI Advanced Implementation certification and credit toward CCNP Data Center certification if you choose.

Authored by three leading Cisco ACI experts, it combines a solid conceptual foundation, in-depth technical knowledge, and practical techniques. It also contains proven features to help exam candidates prepare, including review questions in most chapters, and Key Topic icons highlighting concepts covered on the exam.

The authors thoroughly introduce ACI functions, components, policies, command-line interfaces, connectivity, fabric design, virtualisation and service integration, automation, orchestration, and more. Next, they introduce best practices for monitoring and management, including the use of faults, health scores, tools, the REST API, in-band and out-of-band management techniques, and monitoring protocols. Proven configurations are provided, with steps for verification. Finally, they present advanced forwarding and troubleshooting techniques for maximising ACI performance and value.

ACI Advanced Monitoring and Troubleshooting is an indispensable resource for every data center architect, engineer, developer, network or virtualisation administrator, and operations team member working in ACI environments.
  • Understand Cisco ACI core functions, components, and protocols
  • Apply the ACI Policy-Based Object Model to develop overall application frameworks
  • Use command-line interfaces to manage and monitor Cisco ACI systems
  • Master proven options for ACI physical and logical fabric design
  • Establish connectivity for compute, storage, and service devices, switches, and routers
  • Gain visibility into virtualisation layers through VMM, and integrate hypervisors from multiple vendors
  • Seamlessly integrate Layer 4 to Layer 7 services such as load balancing and firewalling
  • Automate and orchestrate for fast deployment with the REST API, scripting, and Ansible
  • Minimise downtime and maximise ROI through more effective monitoring and configuration
  • Thoroughly master concepts and techniques for advanced ACI and VXLAN forwarding
  • Build deep practical expertise for quickly troubleshooting critical events
  • Gain quick visibility into traffic flows and streamline problem isolation with the ACI Visibility & Troubleshooting Tool
  • Walk through multiple real-world troubleshooting scenarios step-by-step
  • Forewords written by Yusuf Bhaiji, Director of Certifications, Cisco Systems; and Ronak Desai, VP of Engineering for the Data Center Networking Business Unit, Cisco Systems.
Carlo’s Biography: Carlo Schmidt is a Technical Leader for the ACI Solutions Support Team in RTP, North Carolina. Carlo joined Cisco in 2011 after graduating from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a bachelors in Computer Networking. As a TAC engineer, Carlo is focused on Nexus switching technologies including Fabricpath, VXLAN, FCoE and OTV as well as ACI. Carlo is a Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert Data Center. Carlo have spoken multiple times at Cisco Live.
Address: 1839 Forest Road, Durham, NC 27705 Tel: 919-574-3352 Email:

Joseph’s Biography:
Joseph Ristaino is a Technical Leader with the DCBU ACI Escalation Team in RTP, North Carolina. he joined Cisco in 2011 after graduating from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a bachelors in Computer Networking. Joseph started on the Server Virtualization team specializing in UCS and Virtualization technologies. He has an in depth knowledge of Compute/Networking technologies, and over 6+ years of supporting customers as they implement and manage Data Center Deployments around the globe. Joseph now works closely with the ACI TAC teams to provide assistance on critical customer issues that go unsolved, and has been working on ACI since inception in 2014. Joseph have spoken multiple times at Cisco Live. Address: 716 McGill Pl Durham, NC 27701 Tel: 919-574-3390 Email:
Table of contents
  • Chapter 1 Fundamental Functions and Components of Cisco ACI
  • Chapter 2 Introduction to the ACI Policy Model
  • Chapter 3 ACI Command-Line Interfaces
  • Chapter 4 ACI Fabric Design Options
  • Chapter 5 End Host and Network Connectivity
  • Chapter 6 VMM Integration
  • Chapter 7 L4/L7 Service Integration
  • Chapter 8 Automation and Orchestration
  • Chapter 9 Monitoring ACI Fabric
  • Chapter 10 Network Management and Monitoring Configuration
  • Chapter 11 ACI Topology
  • Chapter 12 Bits and Bytes of ACI Forwarding
  • Chapter 13 Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Chapter 14 The ACI Visibility & Troubleshooting Tool
  • Chapter 15 Troubleshooting Use Cases