Microsoft Excel 2019 Pivot Table Data Crunching eBook

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Microsoft Excel 2019 Pivot Table Data Crunching eBook

By Bill Jelen, Michael Alexander
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Bill Jelen all
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Use Excel 2019 pivot tables and pivot charts to produce powerful, dynamic reports in minutes instead of hours… understand exactly what’s going on in your business… take control, and stay in control! Even if you’ve never created a pivot table before, this book will help you leverage all their amazing flexibility and analytical power. Drawing on more than 40 combined years of Excel experience, Bill Jelen and Michael Alexander offer practical “recipes” for solving real business problems, help you avoid common mistakes, and present tips and tricks you’ll find nowhere else!
  • Create, customise, and change pivot tables
  • Transform huge data sets into clear summary reports
  • Analyse data faster with Excel 2019’s new recommended pivot tables
  • Instantly highlight your most profitable customers, products, or regions
  • Quickly import, clean, and shape data with Power Query vBuild geographical pivot tables with Power Map
  • Use Power View dynamic dashboards to see where your business stands
  • Revamp analyses on the fly by dragging and dropping fields
  • Build dynamic self-service reporting systems
  • Combine multiple data sources into one pivot table
  • Use Auto grouping to build date/time-based pivot tables faster vCreate data mashups with Power Pivot
  • Automate pivot tables with macros and VBA

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Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • 1  Pivot Table Fundamentals
  • 2  Creating Basic Pivot Table
  • 3  Customizing a Pivot Table
  • 4  Controlling the Way you View your PivotTable
  • 5  Performing Calculations Within your PivotTables
  • 6  Using Pivot Charts and Other Visualizations
  • 7  Power Query / Analyzing Disparate Data Sources with PivotTables
  • 8  Sharing PivotTables with Others
  • 9  Working With and Analyzing OLAP Data
  • 10 Mashing Up Data with PowerPivot
  • 11 Dashboarding with PowerView & Power Map
  • 12 Enhancing PivotTables with Macros
  • 13 Using VBA to Create Pivot Tables
  • 14 Advanced PivotTable Tips and Tricks
  • 15 Using GetPivotData