Bug Club Plays - Ruby Pack (Reading Level 27/F&P Level R)

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Bug Club Plays - Ruby Pack (Reading Level 27/F&P Level R)

By Julia Donaldson, Steve Barlow, Steve Skidmore, Sarah Shillam, Melaina Faranda more
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Julia Donaldson all
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This pack includes 6 copies of all 5 of the Ruby Reading Level 27 plays.

  • 6 copies of Living in a Rock Pool
  • 6 copies of Mooncakes
  • 6 copies of Robbie Ravenbeak
  • 6 copies of Step Inside a Story
  • 6 copies of Wicked Baba Yaga
Target audience
Suitable for students in Year 3.
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Bug Club Plays are an essential genre for the acquisition of literacy skills in the classroom.

The plays provide readers with a highly engaging narrative with endearing characters, covering a range of topics. There are 65 plays broadly aligned to Reading Levels 6 to 30.

Bug Club Plays are written by talented authors, including Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo


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