Excellence in Business Communication, Global Edition + MyLab Business Communication with eText, 12th Edition

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Excellence in Business Communication, Global Edition + MyLab Business Communication with eText, 12th Edition

By John V. Thill, Courtland L. Bovee
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John V. Thill all
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This pack contains 1 copy of Excellence in Business Communication Global Edition + 1 printed access card to MyLab Business Communication with eText.

For undergraduate courses in business communication.


Develops Business Students’ Professional Communication Skills

Following in the wake of the digital revolution and the advent of social media, business communication has been hit by yet another revolutionary change: the rise of mobile communication. In this edition of Bovee and Thill’s Excellence in Business Communication, the most significant and recent technology-related changes affecting the business world are thoroughly discussed. Not to be forgotten, the text continues to emphasise fundamental skills and principles, including the importance of writing, listening, presenting, and other components of business communication. Featuring practical advice, time-tested processes, and real-world examples, Excellence in Business Communication is the premier text for honing and developing business students’ essential communication skills.


MyLab Business Communication is not a self-paced technology and should only be purchased when required by an instructor.
The duration of access to MyLab Business Communication is set by your instructor for your specific unit of study.

  • UPDATED! On-the-Job Communication Vignettes and Simulations help students apply knowledge from the text using real-world business examples that students have some familiarity with, including JetBlue, GoPro, Hailo, Red Ants Pants, Warby Parker, and VMWare.


Tools to Simplify Teaching, Promote Active Learning, and Stimulate Critical Thinking

These components work together at four levels to provide seamless coverage of vital knowledge and skills:

  • Previewing: Each chapter provides clear learning objectives that prepare students for the material to come and provide a framework for the chapter content. Each learning objective aligns with a major heading in the chapter, and this structure is carried on through to the end of the chapter and online activities, making it easier for instructors and students to gauge learning progress. After the learning objectives, a compelling “On the Job” communication vignette, featuring a successful professional role model, shows students how the material they will encounter in the chapter is put to use in actual business situations.
  • Developing: Chapter content develops, explains, and elaborates on concepts with a carefully organised presentation of textual and visual material. The three­-step process of planning, writing, and completing is adapted to every category of messages and every medium throughout the book, from traditional memos and reports to email, blogs, IM, podcasts, wikis, and social networking messages.
  • Enhancing: Contemporary examples, including more than 70 new figures in this edition, show students the specific elements that contribute to or detract from successful messages.
  • Reinforcing: Hundreds of realistic exercises and activities help students practice vital skills and put newfound knowledge to immediate use. Interactive Document Makeovers, pioneered by Bovée and Thill, let students experience firsthand the elements that make a document successful; giving them the insights they need to analyse and improve their own business messages. One hundred twenty-­five communication cases, featuring dozens of real companies, encourage students to think about contemporary business issues as they put their skills to use in a variety of media, including blogging, social networking, and podcasting. At the end of each chapter, a multiple-­choice simulation based on the chapter-­opening vignette invites students to solve realistic communication challenges.
  • A practical, time-tested approach that emphasises the fundamentals of business communication–including writing, listening, and presenting–even as it integrates the latest technologies affecting businesses, was used.
  • NEW! New and updated chapters and text sections emphasise the revolutionary role mobile communication in business, including:
    • Using All the Job-Search Tools at Your Disposal (Prologue)
    • The Mobile Revolution (Chapter 1)
    • The Rise of Mobile as a Communication Platform
    • How Mobile Technologies Are Changing Business Communication
    • Collaboration via Mobile Devices (Chapter 2)
    • Putting Meeting Results to Productive Use (Chapter 2)
    • Business Etiquette Using Mobile Devices (Chapter 2)
    • Selecting the Best Combination of Media and Channels (Chapter 4)
    • The Unique Challenges of Communication on Mobile Devices (Chapter 4)
    • Writing Messages for Mobile Devices (Chapter 5)
    • Designing Messages for Mobile Devices (Chapter 6)
    • Optimising Content for Mobile Devices (Chapter 7)
    • Creating Promotional Messages for Mobile Devices (Chapter 10)
    • Visual Media on Mobile Devices (Chapter 12)
    • Organising a Presentation (Chapter 14)
    • Integrating Mobile Devices in Presentations (Chapter 14)
    • Choosing a Design Strategy for Your Résumé (Chapter 15)
  • NEW! Groundbreaking coverage of mobile business communication, including:
    • Coverage of emerging issues that are reshaping business communication, including digital information fluency and the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon.
    • Coverage of linear and nonlinear presentations, discussing the relative strengths of slide-based presentations (linear) and Prezi-style presentations (nonlinear).
    • Revised treatment of media and channels to reflect the continuing evolution of digital formats; we now categorise media choices oral, written, and visual, each of which can be delivered through digital and nondigital channels to create six basic combinations.
    • A new highlight box theme, Digital + Social + Mobile: Today’s Communication Environment, addressing such topics as gamification as way to engage audiences, the new careers available in social media community management, using mobile devices for business research, and using mobile devices in the job search process.
    • More than fifty new business communication examples and figures have been added. And the illustration portfolio for the 12th Edition includes nearly 30 mobile communication examples and more than two dozen social media examples.
    • New exercises and activities that focus on mobile communication have been added.
    • A selection of communication cases that challenge students to craft messages for mobile devices is now included. 
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Table of contents
  • Prologue: Building a Career with Your Communication Skills
  • 1. Professional Communication in a Digital, Social, Mobile World
  • 2. Collaboration, Interpersonal Communication, and Business Etiquette
  • 3. Communication Challenges in a Diverse, Global Marketplace
  • 4. Planning Business Messages
  • 5. Writing Business Messages
  • 6. Completing Business Messages
  • 7. Crafting Messages for Digital Channels
  • 8. Writing Routine and Positive Messages
  • 9. Writing Negative Messages
  • 10. Writing Persuasive Messages
  • 11. Planning Reports and Proposals
  • 12. Writing Reports and Proposals
  • 13. Completing Reports and Proposals
  • 14. Designing and Delivering Business Presentations
  • 15. Building Careers and Writing Résumés
  • 16. Applying and Interviewing for Employment