Pearson Humanities Victoria 10 eBook and Lightbook Starter

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Pearson Humanities Victoria 10 eBook and Lightbook Starter

By Grant Kleeman, Jessica Battersby, Peter Bromhead, Peter Byrne, Mohan Dhall more
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Grant Kleeman all
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Secondary Student Resource Junior English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health&PE

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Lightbook Starter is an innovative digital resource powered by Pearson's award-winning Lightbook technology. It has been developed to help you refresh and strengthen your knowledge of key concepts, assess your understanding and track your progress.

The access code will give 15 months access to the eBook from the date of activation.

Elements of the Lightbook Starter functionality are only accessible to students who are part of a participating Lightbook class. Full access to Lightbook Starter is only available to subscribing schools, and not for individual self study. Contact us for more information.


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Key features of the eBook
  • Available for use online and offline
  • Read the student book with bonus multimedia content
  • Add, edit, and delete highlights and notes
  • Synchronise state and data across multiple devices even when the user is offline
Key features of Lightbook Starter
  • Huge variety of question types, stimulus material and interactivity
  • Two levels of hint support for each question
  • Track student progress by topic/chapter or Victorian Curriculum content descriptor and elaboration codes
Table of contents
  • 1 History toolkit
  • 2 World War II
  • 3 Rights and freedoms (1945 - present)
  • 4 Post-war political crisis
  • H1 The environmental movement (digital only)
  • H2 Migration experiences (digital only)
  • H3 Popular culture (digital only)
  • 5 Geography toolkit
  • 6 Environments
  • 7 Coastal environments
  • G1 Forests (digital only)
  • G2 Marine environments (digital only)
  • G3 Inland water (digital only)
  • 8 Spatial variations in human wellbeing
  • 9 Human wellbeing: Australia
  • G4 Human wellbeing: India (digital only)
  • 10 Civics and Citizenship toolkit
  • 11 Australia's democracy
  • 12 Australia's global role and responsibilities
  • 13 Global citizens
  • 14 Economics and Business toolkit
  • 15 Australia’s economy
  • 16 Innovation & productivity
  • 17 The changing workplace

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Pearson Humanities Victoria for years 7-10 is a series designed to support Victorian students and teachers with a comprehensive curriculum coverage of history, geography, economics and business, civics and citizenship.


The series has been created to engage and captivate students of all levels to learn about humanities and is designed to help all students reach their full study potential.

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