Pearson Humanities Victoria 9 Teacher eBook

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Pearson Humanities Victoria 9 Teacher eBook

By Grant Kleeman, Penny Addison, Paige Amor, Jessica Battersby, Peter Bromhead more
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Grant Kleeman all
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**Proud winner of the 2019 Education Publishing Awards Australia (EPAA)**
Secondary Student Resource Junior English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health&PE

Designed to make lesson preparation easier by combining student book page references with a wealth of teacher support, to help you meet the demands of the Victorian Curriculum for humanities.
  • Includes classroom-ready support, allowing teachers to plan ahead with good visibility of what each chapter involves
  • Suggests learning strategies, learning intentions and teaching strategies to make lesson preparation easier
  • Includes answers (or suggested solutions) to every student book, worksheet or additional question to save you time
  • Extra printable templates and graphic organisers for practical classroom activities and research tasks

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Download the detailed table of contents from Pearson Humanities Victoria 9

Preview a sample chapter from Pearson Humanities Victoria 9

Table of contents
  • 1 History toolkit
  • 2 The Industrial revolution
  • 3 Australia (1750-1918)
  • H1 China and the modern world (digital)
  • H2 Japan and the modern world (digital)
  • 4 Australia and World War I (1914-18)
  • 5 Geography toolkit
  • 6 Biomes
  • 7 Food production
  • 8 Food security
  • 9 Geographies of interconnection
  • 10 Production, consumption and trade
  • 11 Civics and Citizenship toolkit
  • 12 Our democratic rights
  • 13 Making and breaking laws in Australia
  • 14 Australian citizens and society
  • 15 Economics and Business toolkit
  • 16 Risky business
  • 17 Enterprise and expense
  • 18 World of work

Download the detailed table of contents

Pearson Humanities Victoria for years 7-10 is a series designed to support Victorian students and teachers with a comprehensive curriculum coverage of history, geography, economics and business, civics and citizenship.


The series has been created to engage and captivate students of all levels to learn about humanities and is designed to help all students reach their full study potential.

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