iiTomo 3+4 Teacher Pack, 2nd Edition

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iiTomo 3+4 Teacher Pack, 2nd Edition

By Yoshie Burrows, Naoko Florence Abe, Yoko Nishimura-Parke
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This teacher combo pack contains 1 copy of iiTomo 3+4 Teacher Guide and 1 access code card to iiTomo 3+4 Teacher eBook, and audio download.

A new print Teacher Guide with complete mapping of the iiTomo resources and assets, as well as supportive teaching notes and ideas for activities, for ease of planning and lesson preparation.

Teacher eBook which includes:

  • All Student eBook content (Student Book pages, editable worksheets; audio tracks for the Student Book, Activity Book and worksheets; grammar animations; stroke order animations; dialogue videos; pronunciation videos; interactive games; weblinks)
  • Suggested customisable chapter tests, including audio tracks and answers
  • Projectable Activity Book answers
  • Worksheets answers
  • Curriculum grids for the Australian Curriculum, Victorian curriculum, new NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum
  • Teacher eBook comes with access to the Audio tracks Download page if you want to save all audio tracks on your device for ease of use.
  • Free Australian Curriculum correlation grids and extra worksheets (including new katakana worksheets) are now available in the Teachers Resources tab on
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Table of contents
  • How to use this Teacher Guide
  • How to use iiTomo
  • Detailed Student Book table of contents
  • An introduction to intercultural language learning (IcLL)
  • An introduction to rubric writing
  • Japanese classroom expression
  • We are
  • What language do you speak
  • Is fast food healthy?
  • Where do you shop?
  • Everyone with you
  • Tottaka or Tanaka
  • School excursion
  • Alvito
  • What would you like to be doing now?
  • Homestay in Australia

iiTomo 1-4 2nd Edition offers updated content and language, and new features for a complete supportive and flexible set of student and teacher resources.

iiTomo Senior is for Year 11 and Year 12. It is aligned to the Queensland Senior curriculum 2019, Victorian Study Design 2019, NSW Stage 6 syllabus and all other states’ senior curricula and supports students in their continuation with Japanese preparing them adequately for their final examination.

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