Pearson Physics Queensland 11 eBook

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Pearson Physics Queensland 11 eBook

By Mark Baker, Alan Allinson, Doug Bail, Steven Eddy, Melissa Gould more
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  • Electronic textbook that students can access on any device, online or offline
  • Features interactives and visual media that help consolidate understanding of concepts and ideas
Table of contents
  • 1 Physics Skills and Assessment toolkit
  • Part A Working scientifically* (This chapter is digital-only in Reader+)
  • Part B Student experiment
  • Part C Research investigation
  • Unit 1: Thermal, nuclear and electrical physics
  • TOPIC 1: Heating processes
  • 2 Heating processes
  • TOPIC 2: Ionising radiation and nuclear reactions
  • 3 Ionising radiation and nuclear reactions
  • TOPIC 3: Electrical circuits
  • 4 Electrical physics
  • 5 Electric circuits
  • Unit 1 Review
  • Unit 2 Linear motion and waves
  • TOPIC 1: Linear motion and force
  • 6 Vectors and linear motion
  • 7 Force and momentum
  • 8 Energy
  • TOPIC 2: Waves
  • 9 Properties of waves
  • 10 Sound
  • 11 Light
  • Unit 2 Review

Pearson Queensland senior science unpacks all of the material your students need for success in Queensland senior science by offering complete coverage of the syllabus. All content offers the rigour and depth to address new QCE requirements, saving you time and making the transition easy.

Questions are categorised using Marzano and Kendall’s taxonomy, giving students quality experience to prepare for assessment. The series also offers expert support for all mandatory practicals, and Skills and Assessment Books that provide summaries, practicals, sample assessments, and exam-style topic reviews.


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