Pearson Humanities and Social Sciences Western Australia 8 eBook, 2nd Edition

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Pearson Humanities and Social Sciences Western Australia 8 eBook, 2nd Edition

By Catherine Arends, Alan Atkinson, Peter Byrne, Michael Cantlon, Galit Dresden more
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Catherine Arends all
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Table of contents
  • Civics and citizenship Chapter 1: Democracy in action
  • Civics and citizenship Chapter 2: Law in action
  • Economics and business Chapter 3: Markets in Australia
  • Economics and business Chapter 4: Consumer rights in Australia
  • Economics and business Chapter 5: Business in Australia
  • Geography Chapter 6: Landscapes and landforms
  • Geography Chapter 7: Coasts
  • Geography Chapter 8: Changing nations (urbanisation and migration)
  • History Chapter 9: Overview: the ancient to the modern world
  • History Chapter 10: Investigating Medieval Europe
  • History Chapter 11: Investigating the Black Death
  • Geography ebook Chapter 12: Alpine landforms
  • Geography ebook Chapter 13: Riverine landforms

Download the table of contents (670 Kb)

Pearson Humanities and Social Sciences Western Australia 7-10 contains specific Western Australian case studies, content and examples to ensure a personalised learning experience for students. It also encourages learners to make connections between local and wider communities.


This series covers key concepts in the areas of:

  • Civics and citizenship
  • Economics and business
  • Geography

Inquiry tasks and student activities help learners to develop and grow key skills such as questioning and researching, analysing, communicating and reflecting, and evaluating.

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