Social Psychology eBook - 180 day rental, 8th Edition

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Social Psychology eBook - 180 day rental, 8th Edition

By Graham M. Vaughan, Michael A. Hogg
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Graham M. Vaughan all
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The 8th edition of this trusted, market leading text continues to place social psychology in an international, contemporary context while exploring cutting edge research and bringing classic theories to life for students in Australia and New Zealand.

Social Psychology retains the structure and approach of previous editions, and is framed by the same scientific and educational philosophy. With an improved narrative, this edition has been significantly rewritten for greater accessibility and contains updated real-world examples, figures, boxes and photos.

  • What do you think? statements and questions are designed to promote thinking in advance about some of the phenomena covered by the chapter.
  • Research classic boxes summarise classic studies, highlight their continuing relevance and discuss new developments.
  • Research highlight boxes focus on and highlight a specific relevant piece of conceptual or empirical research in social psychology.
  • Our world boxes focus attention on the outside world of social issues and sociopolitical and historical events and at how social psychology can help understand them.
  • Your life boxes focus attention on phenomena in everyday life, and at how social psychology can help understand them.
  • All chapters are richly illustrated with diagrams and photographs.
  • The Summary pulls together key points to help consolidate knowledge and understanding and provides an excellent starting point for revision.
  • Guided questions enable readers to test their knowledge and prepare for assessment with essay questions based on the chapter content.
  • Learn more sections provide annotated further reading lists to help take learning further.
Table of contents
  • 1 Introducing social psychology
  • 2 Social cognition and social thinking
  • 3 Attribution and social explanation
  • 4 Self and identity
  • 5 Attitudes
  • 6 Persuasion and attitude change
  • 7 Social influence
  • 8 People in groups
  • 9 Leadership and group decision making
  • 10 Prejudice and discrimination
  • 11 Intergroup behaviour
  • 12 Aggression
  • 13 Prosocial behaviour
  • 14 Attraction and close relationships
  • 15 Language and communication
  • 16 Culture

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