Principles of Marketing + Marketing: A Snapshot, 7th Edition

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Principles of Marketing + Marketing: A Snapshot, 7th Edition

By Gary Armstrong, Stewart Adam, Sara Denize, Michael Volkov, Philip Kotler
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This pack contains 1 copy of Principles of Marketing, 7th Edition and 1 copy of Marketing: A Snapshot

This product displayed is the 7th Edition. We have a new edition available. Click here for further details. Please note that you should always check with your instructor which edition is your prescribed text.

Principles of Marketing keeps pace with a rapidly changing field, focussing on the ways brands create and capture consumer value. Practical content and linkage are at the heart of this edition. Real local and international examples bring ideas to life and new feature ‘linking the concepts’ helps students test and consolidate understanding as they go. 

This edition enhances understanding with a unique learning design including revised, integrative concept maps at the start of each chapter, end-of-chapter features summarising ideas and themes, a mix of mini and major case studies to illuminate concepts, and critical thinking exercises for applying skills.

Marketing: A Snapshot is a step-by-step guide to creating a marketing plan.

This concise guide provides a high-level view of the critical marketing activities associated with the Marketing Process Concept.

Students will learn how to confidently make marketing decisions in many different types of situations; within a variety of organisations and markets.

A full length real-life case study on ASCA demonstrates the application of the concepts identified in Chapter 1.

Principles of Marketing
  • Learning objectives prepare the reader for the chapter material and detail the learning goals
  • Concept maps provide a visual guide to chapter content and key concepts
  • Marketing in action - highlights examples and information together with questions for class and individual use
  • Student learning centre - provides a summary of the chapter, discussion questions, critical thinking exercises and key terms
  • Mini cases - address current issues and company situations. With questions linked to the learning objectives

Marketing: A Snapshot
This concise guide has just three parts.
Part 1 Snapshot of Marketing Concepts provides students with a holistic understanding of the key marketing activities associated with the marketing process. It does this by defining marketing and describing the various steps in the marketing process.
A variety of step-by-step diagrams provide a visual representation of the relationship among the core marketing concepts.
Part 2 Snapshot of Marketing in Real-Life demonstrates the application of the concepts identified in Chapter One to an in-detail case study of ASCA, a non-profit organisation which serves as adviser and buying group for schools.
Part 3 Applying the Core Marketing Concepts  includes a set of learning activities related to each portion of the marketing process and consists of case studies and short and long essay questions.
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Table of contents
Principles of Marketing
  • Part 1 Defining marketing and the marketing process
  • 1 Marketing: Creating and capturing customer value
  • 2 Company and marketing strategy: Partnering to build customer engagement, value and relationships
  • Part 2 Understanding the marketplace and consumers
  • 3 The marketplace and customers: Analysing the environment
  • 4 Marketing analytics: Gaining customer insights
  • 5 Buyer behaviour: Understanding consumer and business buyers
  • Part 3 Designing a customer-driven strategy and mix
  • 6 Customer-driven marketing strategy: Creating value for target customers
  • 7 Products, services and brands: Offering customer value
  • 8 New products: Developing and managing innovation
  • 9 Pricing: Capturing customer value
  • 10 Placement: Customer value fulfilment
  • 11 Communicating customer value: Advertising and public relations
  • 12 Personal selling and sales promotion: Creating value in relationships
  • 13 Direct and digital marketing: Interactivity and fulfillment
  • Part 4 Extending marketing
  • 14 Sustainable marketing: Social responsibility, ethics and legal compliance
  • Appendix 1 Case studies
  • Appendix 2 The marketing plan: An introduction
  • Appendix 3 Marketing analytics spotlights
  • Appendix 4 Careers in marketing

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Marketing: A Snapshot

  • Part 1 Snapshot of Marketing Concepts
  • What is marketing?
  • Step by step diagrammatic representation of marketing activities
  • Step I. Current situation analysis
  • Step II. STP: Segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Step III. Marketing mix
  • Step IV. Implementation and control
  • Part 2 A Snapshot of Marketing in Real Life
  • ASCA: Better buying power for schools
  • Current situation analysis
  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Marketing mix
  • Implementation and control
  • Future decisions to be made
  • Part 3 Applying the Core Marketing Concepts
  • Case study 1: Kingsgrove Sports Centre
  • Case study 2: PVA—The Partners of Veterans Association of Australia Inc.
  • Case study 3: The Grand Hotel