Australian Signpost Mathematics New South Wales 10 (5.1-5.2) Student Book, eBook and Homework Program

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Australian Signpost Mathematics New South Wales 10 (5.1-5.2) Student Book, eBook and Homework Program

By Alan McSeveny, Rob Conway, Steve Wilkes
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This pack contains the Student Book, Homework Program and eBook for Australian Signpost Mathematics New South Wales 10 (5.1-5.2)
The access code will give 27 months access to the eBook from the date of activation.

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Student Book

The well-known Australian Signpost Mathematics series has been updated for the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum and we've vastly improved it with technology and teaching support.

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Key features of the eBook
  • Available for use online and offline
  • Read the student book with bonus multimedia content.
  • Add, edit, and delete highlights and notes
  • Synchronise state and data across multiple devices even when the user is offline

The Homework Programs consist of up to 120 tear-out worksheets, divided into chapters that match and supplement the Student Book chapters. They provide further practise and application of key skills.

Student book features:

  • a complete year’s work with full coverage of the new Australian Curriculum NSW syllabus
  • a flexible structure with carefully graded exercises, colour-coded to indicate level of difficulty
  • full technological integration, with reference to GeoGebra activities across the series and Reader+ resources
  • integration of a broad range of mathematical skills, expanding students’ ability to problem solve, work mathematically and investigate
  • diagnostic tests, chapter review and cumulative review components in every chapter.
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Table of contents
Australian Signpost Mathematics New South Wales 10 (5.1-5.2) Student Book
  • Chapter 1 Review of Year 9
  • Chapter 2 Algebra and equations
  • Chapter 3 Properties of geometrical figures
  • Chapter 4 Probability
  • Chapter 5 Simultaneous equations
  • Chapter 6 Financial mathematics
  • Chapter 7 Linear and non-linear relationships
  • Chapter 8 Surface area and volume
  • Chapter 9 Statistics
  • Chapter 10 Further algebra
  • Chapter 11 Further equations
  • Chapter 12 Further number
  • Chapter 13 Further geometry
  • Chapter 14 Further coordinate geometry
  • Chapter 15 Further trigonometry
  • Answers

Download the detailed table of contents to Australian Signpost Mathematics New South Wales 10 (5.1-5.2)

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