Ecco! uno Student Book, eBook with Activity Book, 2nd Edition

Liana Trevisan all

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Ecco! uno Student Book, eBook with Activity Book, 2nd Edition

By Liana Trevisan, Lidia Nuzzolese, Matthew Absalom, Michael Sedunary, Marisa Tarascio-Spiller
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Liana Trevisan all
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This pack contains 1 copy of Ecco! uno student book, 1 copy of Ecco! uno activity book and 1 access card to Ecco! uno eBook.  

Let learning flourish with the second edition of the Ecco! uno student book for Years 7-8. We’ve completely revised this popular series to be fully aligned with the latest Australian Curriculum: Languages - Italian, Victorian Curriculum, Western Australian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus.

Reader+ is the home of your eBooks. It gives you more options, more flexibility and more control when it comes to the classroom materials you use. It comes with features like in-text note taking, bookmarking, highlighting, interactive videos, audio tools, presentation tools and more. 

The write-in activity books cater for a variety of learning styles, reinforcing and enriching key skills. Updated engaging activities offer even more differentiated learning opportunities.

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Features of the Student Book
  • Each Student Book comes with Reader+, the next generation eBook
  • Introduces new language in context
  • Up-to date, engaging visuals
  • A strong approach to learning pronunciation, with audio and video support in Reader+.
  • Grammar animation videos linked from Reader+ with audio scripts
  • 1-2 reading texts in each chapter to extend learning
  • A blog of a young Australian in Italy who discovers the country and culture to trigger interest and intercultural understanding
  • One gesture per chapter introduced in context, with video support
  • Fully aligned with the latest Australian Curriculum: Languages - Italian, Victorian Curriculum, Western Australian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus
Features of the eBook 
  • Reader+, the next generation eBook, allows you to interact with Student Book content both online and offline.
  • A world of learning is just a click away with access to audio files, worksheets, and short animated videos.
  • A simple digital solution that will work in both online and offline environments.
  • Contains all student book content.
  • Links to short animated grammar explanation clips as well as Links to pronunciation and gestures videos.
  • All audio files for the Student Book and Activity Book.
  • Access to assets including worksheets, weblinks and chapter vocabulary lists.
Features of the Activity Book
  • Follows the Student Book progression of learning
  • Can be used in class or independently
  • All audio is accessible from Reader+
  • Answers to the Activity Book can be found in the Teacher Companion book and in the Teacher eBook
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Table of contents
Ecco! uno Student Book
  • CAPITOLO 1 Ciao!
  • CAPITOLO 2 Mi piace la scuola!
  • CAPITOLO 3 Che famiglia simpatico!
  • CAPITOLO 4 Ti piacciono gli animali?
  • CAPITOLO 5 Cosa fai durante il weekend?
  • CAPITOLO 6 Dove abiti? Che lingue parli?
  • CAPITOLO 7 Quale mezzo prendiamo?
  • CAPITOLO 8 Buon appetito!
  • Parts of speech – Le parti del discorso
  • Cosa significa...?
  • Verbs – Verbi
  • The Italian alphabet and the IPA – L’alfabeto e l’IPA
  • Glossario
  • Vocabolario

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