Pearson History New South Wales 7 Student Book with eBook

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Pearson History New South Wales 7 Student Book with eBook

By Penny Addison, Catherine Arends, Xenofon Arvanitis, Shirley Melissas, Christine Morrow more
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Penny Addison all
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This pack contains the Student Book, and access to the eBook  for Pearson History New South Wales 7

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Key features of the eBook 
  • Available for use online and offline
  • Read the student book with bonus multimedia content.
  • Add, edit, and delete highlights and notes
  • Synchronise state and data across multiple devices even when the user is offline

Student Book

Information is presented to students in clearly defined sections of text, interspersed with engaging images and informative maps in the Student Book. Each chapter includes a Chapter Opener, which sets the context for each Depth Study, and ends with an Investigating History section, which includes a glossary and tasks for deeper learning and student extension

Table of contents
  • Chapter 1: Overview: the ancient world
  • Chapter 2: Investigating the ancient past
  • Chapter 3: Ancient Egypt
  • Chapter 4: Ancient Greece
  • Chapter 5: Ancient Rome
  • Chapter 6: Ancient India
  • Chapter 7: Ancient China

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