Science in Our World (Custom Edition eBook), 2nd Edition

Edward J. Tarbuck all

Science in Our World (Custom Edition eBook), 2nd Edition

By Edward J. Tarbuck, Frederick K. Lutgens, Paul G. Hewitt, Nivaldo J. Tro, Lisa A. Urry more
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Edward J. Tarbuck all
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This custom edition is published for the Australian Catholic University.

It has been compiled from:

Conceptual Physics, 12th Edition, Global Edition by Hewitt

Campbell Biology, 11th Edition, Australian and New Zealand Edition by Urry et al.

Introductory Chemistry, 6th Edition, Global Edition by Tro

Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology, 12th Edition, Global Edition by Tarbuck & Lutgens

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Table of contents
Week 1: Introduction to Science  
 Compiled of:
 An Introduction to Geology (Chapter 1, pp. 39–41, Tarbuck & Lutgens)
 The Chemical World (Chapter 1, pp. 37–42, 45, Tro)
 Evolution, the Themes of Biology, and Scientific Inquiry (Chapter 1, pp. 16–22, Urry et al.)
 About Science (Chapter 1, pp. 34–40, 43, Hewitt)

Week 2: Chemistry—Our Chemical World  
 Compiled of:
 Measurement and Problem Solving (Chapter 2, pp. 73–76, Tro)
 Matter and Energy (Chapter 3, Tro)

Week 3: Chemistry—Matter  
 Compiled of:
 Atoms and Elements (Chapter 4, pp. 133–145, Tro)
 Molecules and Compounds (Chapter 5, pp. 167–175, Tro)
 Chemical Reactions (Chapter 7, pp. 241–249, Tro)

Week 4: Physics—Light and Sound
 Compiled of:
 Vibrations and Waves (Chapter 19, Hewitt)
 Sound (Chapter 20, Hewitt)
 Properties of Light (Chapter 26, Hewitt)
 Color (Chapter 27, Hewitt)
 Reflection and Refraction (Chapter 28, Hewitt)
 Answers (Odd-Numbered Answers, pp. 766–768, 772–776, Hewitt)

Week 5: Physics—Electricity
 Compiled of:
 Electric Current (Chapter 23, Hewitt)
 Answers (Odd-Numbered Answers, pp. 769–771, Hewitt)

Week 6: Physics—Force and Motion  
 Compiled of:
 Newton’s First Law of Motion (Chapter 2, pp. 52, 58–60, Hewitt)
 Linear Motion (Chapter 3, pp. 67–73, Hewitt)
 Newton’s Second Law of Motion (Chapter 4, Hewitt)
 Newton’s Third Law of Motion (Chapter 5, pp. 101–105, 111–113, Hewitt)
 Answers (Odd-Numbered Answers, pp. 751–752, Hewitt)

Week 7: Astronomy—Charting the Heavens  
 Compiled of:
 An Introduction to Geology (Chapter 1, pp. 47–50, Tarbuck & Lutgens)
 Touring Our Solar System (Chapter 24, Tarbuck & Lutgens)

Week 8: Planet Earth—Plate Tectonics  
 Compiled of:
 An Introduction to Geology (Chapter 1, pp. 51–52, 55 Tarbuck & Lutgens)
 Plate Tectonics: A Scientific Revolution Unfolds (Chapter 2, Tarbuck & Lutgens)
 Earth’s Evolution Through Geologic Time (Chapter 22, Tarbuck & Lutgens)

Week 9: Climate and Soils on Planet Earth  
 Compiled of:
 Weathering and Soil (Chapter 6, Tarbuck & Lutgens)
 Global Climate Change (Chapter 21, Tarbuck & Lutgens)

Week 10: Ecology and Biosphere  
 Compiled of:
 An Introduction to Ecology and the Biosphere (Chapter 52, Urry et al.)
 Answers (Appendix A, p. A-47, Urry et al.)

Week 11: Community Ecology  
 Compiled of:
 Community Ecology (Chapter 54, Urry et al.)
 Answers (Appendix A, pp. A-48– A-49, Urry et al.)

Week 12: Ecosystem and Restoration  
 Compiled of:
 Ecosystems and Restoration Ecology (Chapter 55, pp. 1280–1287, 1292, Urry et al.)