Understanding Government Business Relations in an Unpredictable World (Pearson Original Edition eBook)

By Elizabeth Van Acker, Giorel Curran

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This Pearson Original edition eBook is published for Griffith University.

Despite demands for change in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), government business relations continue operating in a volatile economic and political environment. This volatility presents many challenges for government and for business both in Australia and globally. Understanding Government Business Relations in an Unpredictable World examines these challenges, particularly the persistent tensions between government intervention and market autonomy. It offers a broad overview from different perspectives in different national contexts. The contributors to this book are experts in their field, which has resulted in original, insightful and contemporary chapters. This collection, edited by Elizabeth van Acker and Giorel Curran, helps not only to explain the volatility of government business relations, but also to make sense of a variety of responses to important issues in a range of nations.

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Pearson Custom Books
Table of contents
  • Introduction: Understanding Government Business Relations in an Unpredictable World
  • PART 1 – The Institutions of Government
  • Chapter One
    The Foundations of Government Business Relations: Constitutions, Federations and Parliaments
  • Chapter Two
    The Influence of Political Actors         
  • PART 2 – The Global Political Economy
  • Chapter Three
    Ideas, Institutions and Crises: Political Economy from the Gold Standard to the Global Financial Crisis
  • Chapter Four
    Crisis, What Crisis? The Political Economy of Vulnerability in Australia
  • Chapter Five
    The United States: The End of Global Leadership?
  • Chapter Six
    Looking Forward, Looking Back: The Debate about China’s Economic Reform
  • Chapter Seven
    A Slow Train Coming? Understanding the Lessons from Japan’s ‘Lost Decade’
  • Chapter Eight
    The Macroeconomics of Government Business Relations: The Case of Germany and Sweden
  • PART 3 – Government Business Relations and Sustainable Governance
  • Chapter Nine
    Government, Business and Regulation
  • Chapter Ten
    Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Climate Change