Quoi de Neuf ? 3+4 Activity Book, 2nd Edition

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Quoi de Neuf ? 3+4 Activity Book, 2nd Edition

By Judy Comley, Prue Clarke, Beatrice Vanderstichele
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The write-in Quoi de Neuf ? 1-4, 2nd Edition Activity Books cater for a variety of learning styles, offering opportunities to practise and reinforce key skills and learning. Engaging activities offer support and differentiated learning opportunities whilst allowing students to track their progress for deeper motivation. The Activity Books follow the learning progression of the Student Books and can be used in class or out of class as homework material and formative learning assessment.
  • Aligned with the latest Australian Curriculum: Languages – French
  • Follows the Student Book progression of learning
  • Carefully sequenced and paced tasks including spiralling of learning
  • Comprehensive practice of new language opportunities for extension
  • Chapter opening page: tasks to identify prior knowledge and motivation, as well as intercultural thinking to spark interest
  • Can be used in class or independently
  • Can be used as a formative assessment tool
  • All audio is accessible from the eBook for students
  • Answers to the Activity Book can be found in the Teacher eBook and can be projected in class to ease correction activity
Table of contents
  • Introduction ii
  • La France métropolitaine iii
  • Rencontrez les personnages
  • Sur le départ
  • En plein air
  • À ta santé !
  • Vous payez comment ?
  • Meilleurs copains
  • Quelle histoire !
  • Vivre écolo
  • Projets d’avenir
  • Dictionnaire Francais–anglais
  • Dictionnaire Anglais–francais

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