Macroeconomics: Australia in the Global Environment eBook, 2nd Edition

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Macroeconomics: Australia in the Global Environment eBook, 2nd Edition

By Michael Parkin, Robin Bade
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Michael Parkin all
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Parkin and Bade aim to help students focus on the most important concepts of macroeconomics and effectively practice the application of those concepts.
  • Modern topics – Includes contemporary examples that help students tie theory to real-world situations.
  • Encourages students to learn by doing – Features multiple checkpoints which aim to teach students how to think like an economist in everyday life.
  • Challenges thinking – Encourages students to apply theory to important issues that shape our global society.

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Michael Parkin is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Economics at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Professor Parkin studied economics in England and began his university teaching career immediately after graduating with a B.A. He learned the subject on the job at the University of Essex, England’s most exciting new university of the 1960s, and at the age of 30 became one of the youngest full professors. His many visiting positions include the Reserve Bank of Australia, the University of New South Wales, Bond University and the Bank of Japan.
Robin Bade was an undergraduate at the University of Queensland where she earned degrees in mathematics and economics. After teaching high school mathematics and physics, she enrolled as a Ph.D. student at ANU, from which she graduated in 1970. She has held faculty appointments at the University of Edinburgh, Bond University, and at the Universities of Manitoba, Toronto, and Western Ontario.
  • The text has a broad range of learning features and opportunities, including section reviews, graphs, figures and features that draw clear connections between theory and practice.
  • MyLab Economics is a teaching and learning platform providing the power of practice and optimises study time, using personalised study plans, auto-generated tests and assignments and unlimited practice.
Table of contents
  • Part 1: Introduction
  • 1. Getting Started
  • 2. The Australian and Global Economies
  • 3. The Economic Problem
  • 4. Demand and Supply
  • Part 2: Monitoring the Macroeconomy
  • 5. GDP: A Measure of Total Production and Income
  • 6. Jobs and Unemployment
  • 7. The CPI and Cost of Living
  • Part 3: Understanding the Macroeconomy
  • 8. Economic Growth
  • 9. Finance, Saving and Investment
  • 10. Money, the Price Level and Inflation
  • 11. Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand
  • 12. Aggregate Expenditure Multiplier
  • 13. The Short-Run Policy Tradeoff
  • Part 4: Macroeconomic Policy
  • 14. Fiscal Policy
  • 15. Monetary Policy
  • 16. International Trade Policy
  • 17. International Finance

Download the detailed table of contents