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Australia in the Global Economy Workbook (9e)

By Tim Dixon, John O'Mahony
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Australia in the Global Economy Workbook, 9th Edition is an active learning guide to accompany the best-selling text Australia in the Global Economy. It allows students to practice their understanding of course content as they learn, with exam-style multiple choice and short answer questions. It also gives teachers valuable extension, skills revision, independent research tasks and classroom exercises that can help challenge students to deepen their understanding.

The 9th Edition features a new selection of HSC-style multiple choice, short answer and extended response questions in each chapter, updated to capture the latest developments in Australia and the global economy, and reflecting the requirements of the New South Wales Higher School Certificate Economics course.

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Pearson Australia
Table of contents
  • Topic 1: The Global Economy
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to the Global Economy
  • Chapter 2: Trade in the Global Economy
  • Chapter 3: Globalisation and Economic Development
  • Topic 2: Australia’s Place in the Global Economy
  • Chapter 4: Australia’s Trade and Financial Flows
  • Chapter 5: Exchange Rates
  • Chapter 6: Protection in Australia
  • Practice Half-Yearly Examination
  • Topic 3: Economic Issues
  • Chapter 7: Economic Growth
  • Chapter 8: Unemployment
  • Chapter 9: Inflation
  • Chapter 10: External Stability
  • Chapter 11: Distribution of Income and Wealth
  • Chapter 12: Environmental Sustainability
  • Topic 4: Economic Policies and Management
  • Chapter 13: The Objectives of Economic Policy
  • Chapter 14: Fiscal Policy
  • Chapter 15: Monetary Policy
  • Chapter 16: Microeconomic and Environmental Policies
  • Chapter 17: Labour Market Policies
  • Chapter 18: Effectiveness and Limitations of Economic Policy
  • Practice Year 12 Economics Examination
  • Practice Economics Extension Examination
Features & benefits
The 9th Edition includes three practice exam papers, the first focusing on topics 1 and 2, the second on the full syllabus content and the third targeted towards advanced revision of the HSC course. This gives students the opportunity to test themselves for the half-yearly, trials and final exams. The selection of extension activities has been widened with a greater focus on skills revision for key economic theory in the HSC course. Each chapter of the workbook includes:
  • 20 multiple choice questions
  • 3 short answer questions
  • A selection of extended response questions
  • A variety of extension activities to further enhance student mastery of the syllabus content and skills-e.g. independent research activities, economic skills revision sets and class activities.
Author biography
Tim Dixon is a former senior economic adviser and chief speechwriter for two Australian Prime Ministers. He currently works between London and New York, where he has co-founded several international social movement-building organisations during the past decade. Tim began helping Economics students after coming top of the state in his HSC exam, and in 1994 he founded an educational publishing business. After graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Economics from Sydney University and a Law degree from the UNSW, he worked as a technology lawyer at global law firm Baker & McKenzie.

John O’Mahony is a Partner at Deloitte Access Economics in Sydney, where he specialises in trends in the digital economy. He has worked at the Australian Financial Review, in the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Economics and Business, for the NSW Government and as a senior adviser for two Australian Prime Ministers. John was awarded the University of Sydney Medal for his First Class Honours degree in Commerce (Liberal Studies) and has co-authored economics textbooks for over fifteen years.