Sociology, 7th Edition

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Sociology, 7th Edition

By Robert van Krieken, Daphne Habibis, Philip Smith, Karl Maton, Greg Martin more
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The new 7th Edition of leading Australian sociology text, Sociology contains research, examples and case studies from Australia and around the world.

Improved student engagement is the cornerstone of the new edition, providing a more visual and streamlined presentation of content and an increased focus on contemporary topics that have been identified as vital to contemporary sociology, including big data and aging.

  • The short, thought provoking vignette and accompanying questions captivate the reader’s attention and promote further discussion, encouraging active participation in the understanding of sociology.
  • Refreshed learning objectives help outline what the reader will learn once they have read the chapter.
  • Key terms are in bold when first introduced and defined in the margin, and a Glossary is included at the back of the text.
  • Updated research, data and citations
  • Thought provoking for the student to analyse and develop further via the accompanying questions. Case studies are a useful tool to help students with the practical application of sociological theory.
  • Each chapter features a summary of the main points of the chapter.
  • Tutorial questions, Further reading, Websites and Videos and multimedia suggestions to help provide launching points for further exploration and analysis
New to this edition
  • Reflect and apply questions - These questions help to break up the text and allow students to consolidate and apply their knowledge.
  • New chapters on Self and society and Work and the economy  which is now expanded and separated from the chapter ‘Leisure, sport, tourism
  • Chapter 3 has been renamed ‘Media and Popular Culture’ with an expanded focus on music and social media & networks.
  • Tutorial Exercises - Exercise questions allows students to consolidate and apply their knowledge
  • More photos and a feature set will help students and lecturers more easily engage with the content
  • A revised feature set including ‘Sociological global perspectives’ and ‘Sociological Spotlights’ 
  • Updated case studies, research and reflection questions throughout.
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Table of contents
  • 1 What is Sociology?
  • 2 Globalisation and the Environment
  • 3 Media and Popular Culture
  • 4 Social selves
  • 5 Family life
  • 6 Education and knowledge
  • 7 Work and the economy
  • 8 Leisure, sport and tourism
  • 9 Class and inequality
  • 10 Identities: Indigenous, national, ethnic and racial
  • 11 Gender and sexuality
  • 12 Health
  • 13 Religion
  • 14 Power and the state
  • 15 Crime and deviance
  • 16 Social Research Methods
  • 17 Sociological theory

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