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Teaching English Grammar (2e)

By Rod Campbell, Graham Ryles
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Provides teachers and trainee teachers with a guide to teaching grammar and punctuation in Australian schools within teaching standards and, the curriculum.
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Pearson Australia
Table of contents
  • Part A Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment
  • Part B Knowledge Areas
  • Part C Strategies for Teaching English Grammar
  • Part D Assessment of Writing and Speaking
  • Part E Using this Book for Professional Self-development

Download the table of contents and prelims (648 Kb)

Features & benefits

This Handbook provides: 

  • a guide to teaching English grammar, punctuation and vocabulary 
  • year-level content based on the Content Descriptions and Achievement Standards of the Australian Curriculum: English (Foundation to Year 10) 
  • information that assists teachers and student teachers to implement all aspects of English as a subject and to teach and assess English literacy as general capability 
  • step-by-step lesson plans for teaching grammar concepts, metalanguage and uses of English 
  • content frameworks to help curriculum coordinators plan English for the whole school English program and general capabilities in literacy 
  • effective procedures for assessing student writing and spelling 
  • a procedure for professional self-assessment in terms of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.
Author biography

Rod Campbell and Graham Ryles have been studying and developing strategies for teaching English grammar for almost 25 years, and have co-authored 12 books on the teaching of English grammar. Their books have been sold in Australia, Canada and Papua New Guinea. Their strategies for teaching grammar and the metalanguage of English have been designed to assist teachers to teach English creatively and effectively, and to enhance processes of reflective practice in teaching.

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