Learning, Autism & Community (Custom Edition eBook)

E. Amanda Boutot

Learning, Autism & Community (Custom Edition eBook)

By E. Amanda Boutot
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E. Amanda Boutot
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This Custom Edition eBook is published for the University of Wollongong.

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Table of contents
  • About this Custom Book
  • 1 Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • 2 Evidence-Based Practices for Educating Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • 3 Working with Families of Children with Autism
  • 4 Environmental Arrangement to Prevent Contextually Inappropriate Behaviour
  • 5 Teaching Students with Autism Using the Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • 6 Teaching Students with Autism to Communicate
  • 7 Social Challenges of Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • 8 Effective Practices for Teaching Academic Skills to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • 9 Play-Focused Interventions for Young Children with Autism
  • 10 Assistive Technology for Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • 11 Sexuality Education for Students with ASD
  • 12 Transition to Postsecondary Environments for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • 13 Creating Contexts for Instruction
  • 14 Accommodating Sensory Issues
  • 15 Programming for Challenging Behavior
  • 16 Classification and the Physiological Approach
  • 17 Assessment