Australian Signpost Maths 3 Teacher's Book, 3rd Edition

Alan McSeveny all

Australian Signpost Maths 3 Teacher's Book, 3rd Edition

By Alan McSeveny, Alan Parker, Diane McSeveny-Foster, Rachel McSeveny
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A longtime favourite with teachers, Australian Signpost Maths now features resources to help you take maths learning into the digital age and meet the latest assessment requirements.

Simplify planning with the teacher’s book one-page-per-lesson planning resource. The teacher's book provides ideas for classroom activities using print and digital resources. You can check curriculum coverage, and access teacher planning and recording documents.

  • Complete year’s work with full coverage of the curriculum
  • Curriculum links and descriptions for every lesson
  • Reproduced Student Activity Book pages with answers
  • Teaching suggestions, extension ideas, vocabulary lists, digital and print resources and evaluations for every lesson
  • Extensive diagnostic assessment with answers
  • Pedagogical background and suggested program
  • Remediation records
  • ID Cards to review the language of Mathematics
  • Blackline masters and worksheets
Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Features of Australian Signpost Maths
  • Using the Teacher Resource Pages
  • Mathematics Teaching and Learning
    • Structure of Australian Signpost Maths
    • Proficiency Strands
    • Problem Solving and Modelling
    • Group Work and Language
    • Calculators and Computers
    • Motivation and Positive Attitudes
    • Merit Certificates
  • Suggested Program
  • Teacher Resource Pages
  • Diagnostic Tests
    • The Testing Process
    • Remediation Records
    • Diagnostic Test 1
    • Diagnostic Test 2
    • Diagnostic Test 3
    • Diagnostic Test 4
    • Diagnostic Test 5 Diagnostic Test 6
    • Diagnostic Test 7
    • Diagnostic Test 8
    • Answers for Diagnostic Tests
  • ID Cards, Blackline Masters and Worksheets
    • ID Cards
    • Blackline Masters (BLMs)
    • Blackline Worksheets (BLWs)
    • Answers for Blackline Worksheets

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