Pearson Mathematical Methods Queensland 12 Exam Preparation Workbook

Nigel Treloar

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Pearson Mathematical Methods Queensland 12 Exam Preparation Workbook

By Nigel Treloar
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Nigel Treloar
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The Exam Preparation Workbook (Year 12 only), prepares students for external exams by taking them through actual past Victorian external exam questions.

They have been constructed to guide students through a sequence of preparatory steps and build confidence leading up to the external exams. Fully worked solutions, notes on common errors to be aware of and commentary from the Victorian examiner’s report are included for each question.

Series overview
Our series is not a re-working of an existing series. It’s been developed specifically for the new Queensland senior secondary mathematics syllabus.

All content is covered, including assessments, helping teachers and students adapt to the new Queensland way.

Supplement URL
Explore the Pearson Queensland senior mathematics site where you can download free samplers, request an inspection copy and watch webinar recordings.
Table of contents
  • About this Exam Preparation Workbook
  • Writing and development team
  • How to use this workbook
  • Self-reflection: Question set notes and pointers summary
  • Simple familiar question sets
  • Complex familiar question sets
  • Complex unfamiliar question sets

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