Communication for Business and the Professions: Strategies and Skills eBook, 7th Edition

Judith Dwyer

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Communication for Business and the Professions: Strategies and Skills eBook, 7th Edition

By Judith Dwyer
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Judith Dwyer
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This text has been written for students studying in Australia who are seeking to enhance their communication skills and opportunities for employment and career progression within businesses, organisations and the professions.

Easy to understand – The text has a plain-English writing style and is supported by a consistent and accessible design, case studies and practice questions. This helps students to understand communication principles and apply them in their interpersonal and professional interactions.

Updated – The 7th edition has been updated to reflect feedback from considerable engagement with our customers and curriculum expectations.

Contemporary – The text includes real-life current examples, case studies, a focus on group-work in assessment and details modern trends in the industry.

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Judith Dwyer is an acknowledged communication expert, educator and author. She has written 18 books on, and conducted research and lectured in, communication studies for more than 20 years. A longstanding member of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, her areas of expertise are communication studies, economics, management and leadership.
  • Students are supported by a broad range of learning features and opportunities, including chapter summaries, tables, figures, activities, questions, case study features and much more.
Table of contents
  • Part 1 The Communication factor
  • Chapter 1 Communication foundations
  • Chapter 2 Interpersonal communication
  • Chapter 3 Emotional intelligence: managing self and relationships
  • Chapter 4 Negotiation and conflict management
  • Chapter 5 Intercultural communication
  • Part 2 Leadership and communication
  • Chapter 6 Communication across the organisation
  • Chapter 7 Leadership
  • Chapter 8 Team and work group communication
  • Chapter 9 Effective meetings: face-to-face and virtual
  • Chapter 10 Customer engagement
  • Chapter 11 Public relations
  • Part 3 Researching, evaluating and presenting information
  • Chapter 12 Managing big data and knowledge
  • Chapter 13 Researching and processing information
  • Chapter 14 Conducting surveys and questionnaires
  • Chapter 15 Critical thinking, argument, logic and persuasion
  • Chapter 16 Communicating through visuals
  • Chapter 17 Oral presentations and public speaking
  • Part 4 The writing process
  • Chapter 18 Writing for the professions
  • Chapter 19 Writing correspondence, emails and short reports
  • Chapter 20 Writing long reports
  • Chapter 21 Writing reflective journals
  • Chapter 22 Academic writing
  • Part 5 Digital Communication
  • Chapter 23 Social media
  • Chapter 24 Writing for the web
  • Chapter 25 The job search, resumes and interviews in the digital era

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