Primary and Middle Years Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally eBook

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Primary and Middle Years Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally eBook

By John Van de Walle, Karen Karp, Jennifer M. Bay-Williams, Amy Brass, Brendan Bentley more
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This text is targeted towards teaching primary and middle years mathematics units in the Bachelor of Education degree.

Illustrates how children learn mathematics, and then shows pre-service teachers the most effective methods of teaching mathematics through hands-on, problem-based activities.

  • Serves as a go-to reference for the mathematics content suggested for Foundation to Year 9 as recommended in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics (ACARA, 2016), and for the research-based strategies that illustrate how students best learn this content.
  • Presents a practical resource of robust, problem-based activities and tasks that can engage students in the use of significant mathematical concepts and skills.
  • Reports on technology that makes teaching mathematics in a problem-based approach more visible, including access to ready-to-use activity pages and references to quality websites.

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A Guide to Worksheets and BlackLine Masters is available to download for both educators and students. It provides easy navigation to the wealth of Teacher Resources, Activities, Expanded Lessons and BlackLine masters that appear as pink highlights throughout the text of this book. Simply click on the Downloads tab.

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The late John A Van de Walle was a professor emeritus at Virginia Commonwealth University. He was a leader in mathematics education who regularly ran professional development workshops for K–8 teachers.
Amy Brass is currently part of the education faculty at the University of Northern Iowa and was formerly a mathematics education lecturer at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education.
Karen S Karp is a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University (Maryland). Previously, she was a professor of mathematics education at the University of Louisville for more than 20 years. Prior to entering the field of teacher education, she was an elementary school teacher in New York.
Dr Jennifer M Bay-Williams is a professor at the University of Louisville. She has written many articles and books around K–12 mathematics education, including the three-book series related directly to this book.
  • Students are supported with a broad range of learning features and opportunities, including end of chapter activities, technology tips and notes, chapter specific learning objctives and much more.
  • The text is divided into two sections so students understand the context and challenges of teaching mathematics first. They then progress to learning the practicalities of teaching mathematics within those contexts. This increases the links between theory and practice, supports employability and provides scaffolded learning for the student.
  • The Australian curriculum focus that this text has enables students to be industry ready, and understand the standards to which they need to deliver to their students in the future.
  • This product is also available in digital format in Revel, an interactive reading and learning environment that enables students to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience.
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Digital Image PowerPoints

Table of contents
  • 1. Teaching Mathematics for the 21st Century
  • 2. Exploring What It Means to Know and Do Mathematics
  • 3. Teaching Through Problem-Solving
  • 4. Planning in the Problem-Based Classroom
  • 5. Creating Assessments for Learning
  • 6. Teaching Mathematics Equitably to All Children
  • 7. Using Technological Tools to Teach Mathematics
  • 8. Developing Early Number Concepts and Number Sense
  • 9. Developing Meanings for the Operations
  • 10. Developing Basic Fact Fluency
  • 11. Developing Whole-Number Place-Value Concepts
  • 12. Developing Strategies for Addition and Subtraction Computation
  • 13. Developing Strategies for Multiplication and Division Computation
  • 14. Algebraic Thinking, Equations and Functions
  • 15. Developing Fraction Concepts
  • 16. Developing Fraction Operations
  • 17. Developing Concepts of Decimals and Percentages
  • 18. Ratios, Proportions and Proportional Reasoning
  • 19. Developing Measurement Concepts
  • 20. Geometric Thinking and Geometric Concepts
  • 21. Developing Concepts of Data Analysis
  • 22. Exploring Concepts of Probability
  • 23. Developing Concepts of Index Notation, Integers and Real Numbers
  • APPENDIX A Australian Curriculum: Mathematics Proficiency Strands
  • APPENDIX B Mapping the Content to the Australian Curriculum
  • APPENDIX C AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • APPENDIX D NCTM Mathematics Teaching Practices: From Principles to Actions
  • APPENDIX E Guide to Blackline Masters

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