Essentials of Economics eBook, 4th Edition

R. Glenn Hubbard all

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Essentials of Economics eBook, 4th Edition

By R. Glenn Hubbard, Anne M. Garnett, Philip Lewis, Anthony O'Brien
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R. Glenn Hubbard all
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The only Economics text that includes current Australian full articles and teaching application throughout the text. Hubbard includes solved problems within chapters to keep students focused on the main ideas of each chapter and prevent them from getting bogged down due to a lack of basic maths or literacy skills.

A business approach is integrated throughout the text, using real-world business examples to teach economics. The question is constantly asked ‘Why am I here, and will I ever use this?’, prompting students to realise their own answer to the question and motivating them to apply the teachings to the real-world.

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  • The real-world focus of this text provides a hands-on approach to learning economics.
  • Case studies and articles offer context based in reality to the theories presented. These are then paired with a personal dimension through ‘Economics in Your Life’, engaging students’ own experiences with economics.
  • The variety of teaching methods and the real-world focus of this text allows students to visualise how the content can be applied to people and businesses in reality. This helps take students beyond concepts and visualise the theory in a tangible framework.
Table of contents
  • Part 1 Introduction
  • 1 Economics: foundations and models
  • Appendix Using graphs and formulas
  • 2 Choices and trade-offs in the market
  • Part 2 How the Market Works
  • 3 Where prices come from: the interaction of demand and supply
  • Appendix Behavioural economics: do people make their choices rationally?
  • 4 Elasticity: the responsiveness of demand and supply
  • 5 Economic efficiency, government price setting and taxes
  • Part 3 Firms and Market Structures
  • 6 Technology, production and costs
  • 7 Firms in perfectly competitive markets
  • 8 Monopoly markets
  • Appendix Price discrimination
  • 9 Monopolistic competition and oligopoly
  • Part 4 Markets for Factors of Production
  • 10 The markets for labour and other factors of production
  • Part 5 The Role of Government
  • 11 Government intervention in the market
  • 12 Social policy and inequality
  • Part 6 Macroeconomic Foundations
  • 13 GDP: measuring total production, income and economic growth
  • 14 Unemployment and inflation
  • 15 Aggregate demand and aggregate supply analysis
  • Appendix The aggregate expenditure model
  • Part 7 Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  • 16 Money, banks and the Reserve Bank of Australia
  • 17 Monetary policy
  • 18 Fiscal policy
  • Appendix 1 Is there a short-run trade-off between unemployment and inflation?
  • Appendix 2 A closer look at the multiplier
  • Part 8 The International Economy
  • 19 Comparative advantage and the gains from international trade
  • 20 Macroeconomics in an open economy
  • Glossary
  • Index

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