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Curriculum Construction (6e)

By Laurie Brady, Kerry Kennedy
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This product introduces and analyses all aspects of curriculum development, interpretation and implementation. The product brings together two important strands of curriculum work: the theoretical and the practical, both thought and action.

It is a valuable resource for all teachers, students, the community, government and all those wanting to make a contribution to shaping the curriculum - with the focus and outcome always being something that will benefit students and their development as citizens.

Additionally, this product:

  • Is highly respected with updated/current content, mapped to industry standards delivered in a range of customisable formats and affordable price points.
  • Can be delivered via Revel offering an interactive learning experience available on all devices
  • Has respected authors in the field
  • Is part of a connected collection in the Education titles offering a suite of resources across an Education degree in a consistent format and style.
  • Can be used across all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate (Masters) Education courses
  • Is mapped to the Australian Professional Standards for Graduate Teachers by AITSL
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Pearson Australia
Table of contents
  • PART ONE The social contexts of curriculum construction
  • 1 The school curriculum and its stakeholders: who owns the curriculum?
  • 2 The Australian Curriculum: past, present and future
  • 3 Diversity and the curriculum: equity for all students
  • PART TWO Curriculum priorities and their social contexts
  • 4 Twenty-first-century students and the contexts that influence them
  • 5 General capabilities and curriculum integration
  • 6 Digital technology and classroom learning
  • 7 Engaging with Asia: deepening global understanding for Australian students
  • 8 More than skills: 21st-century values
  • PART THREE Curriculum planning for schools
  • 9 Curriculum planning models: theory and practice
  • 10 Curriculum translation in classrooms: teachers as decision makers
  • PART FOUR Assessment, evaluation and school review
  • 11 Assessment issues and the school curriculum
  • 12 Reporting student outcomes to parents and community
  • 13 Curriculum and program evaluation
  • 14 School review processes and continuous improvement
  • PART FIVE Changing the school curriculum
  • 15 Curriculum issues in promoting teaching and learning
  • 16 Teachers leading curriculum change
  • Index
Features & benefits
  • Written to align to the seven professional objectives by AITSL
  • Contemporary topics
  • Implications of social media and technology included
  • Dual inclusion of both Australian values as well as international and global considerations
  • Chapter-based
    • Learning Objectives
    • Introduction
    • Key terms
    • Check your understanding
    • Tables and figures
    • A Case w/probe questions
  • End of Chapter
    • Summary
    • Glossary
    • References
  • Index
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