Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding, 3rd Edition

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Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding, 3rd Edition

By Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, Laura L. Namy, Graham Jamieson, Anthony Marks more
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Scott O. Lilienfeld all
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The goal of this text is to empower students to apply scientific thinking to the psychology of their everyday lives. By applying scientific thinking—thinking that helps protect us against our tendencies to make mistakes—we can better evaluate claims about both laboratory research and daily life.

Students will emerge with the critical-thinking skills and open-minded scepticism they need to distinguish psychological misinformation from psychological information. The product is designed to encourage students to keep an open mind to new claims, but to insist on and evaluate evidence informing these claims.

  • Students are supported in preparing for industry, with content aligned to professional standards.
  • The content is heavily localised and revised to include more Australian examples to reflect practice in an Australian context.
  • Content is localised and has been revised to include more Australian examples.
  • Includes qualitative research, epigenetics and positive psychology.
  • Updated citations, examples and statistics.
Downloads Table of contents
  • 1 Science and pseudoscience in psychology
  • 2 Research methods
  • 3 Biological psychology
  • 4 Sensation and perception
  • 5 Consciousness
  • 6 Learning
  • 7 Memory
  • 8 Thinking, reasoning and language
  • 9 Intelligence and IQ testing
  • 10 Human development
  • 11 Emotion and motivation
  • 12 Stress, coping and health
  • 13 Social psychology
  • 14 Cross-cultural psychology
  • 15 Personality
  • 16 Psychological disorders
  • 17 Psychological and biological treatments

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