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Education for Inclusion and Diversity (6e)

By Adrian Ashman
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The only Australian inclusive education text that directly applies key theories to classroom practices through problem based/inquiry based learning.

This product provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the context, the fundamentals, and practices of teaching in contemporary Australian schools in which inclusion is an overarching and guiding principle. Inclusion, in this context, covers students who are of above average ability, recent arrivals from other countries, those with an intellectual disability, autism, vision impairment, and with specific literacy and numeracy needs.

It is both a source book and practical guide that systematically introduces the concept of inclusion, practical teaching methods, and strategies to ensure that the learning needs of all students at every level of schooling are identified and accommodated.

Additionally, this product

  • Has respected and updated/current content, mapped to industry standards delivered in a range of customisable formats and affordable price points.
  • Is part of a connected collection of Education titles offering a suite of resources across an Education degree in a consistent format and style.
  • Can be used across all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate (Masters) Education courses, for schools of early childhood, primary and secondary education.
  • Is mapped to the Australian Professional Standards for Graduate Teachers by AITSL.
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Published date
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Pearson Australia
Table of contents
  • SECTION 1 Principles
  • 1 The Foundations of Inclusion
  • 2 The Australian educational landscape
  • 3 Inclusive Technology
  • 4 Social and interpersonal development in schools
  • 5 Behaviour support and management
  • 6 Supporting outstanding learners
  • SECTION 2 Methods
  • 7 Curriculum Adaptation
  • 8 Inclusive Practices
  • 9 Literacies
  • 10 Numeracy
  • 11 Early and middle years of schooling
  • 12 Secondary school and beyond
  • Glossary
  • Cross-referenced topics
  • Index
Features & benefits
  • Content mapped to Australian Professional Standards for Graduate Teachers
  • Written to align to the seven professional objectives by AITSL Problem-based learning
  • Case studies woven throughout text
  • Chapters open with a scenario that is demonstrated through the content
  • At the end of each chapter there is a section called “Facts about ...”
  • These provide basic information about a dozen topics including Autism Spectrum Disorder, intellectual disability, gender issues, and vision impairment.
  • These “Facts about …” are intended as a quick reference and some specific tips about how you might assist students with various characteristics.
  • Our respected resource developed over 5 editions has a broad range of perspectives provided by 15 contributors in addition to our editor. Contributor details and their expertise can be seen in the prelims of the book.
  • Chapter-based
    • Objectives (at top of chapters and highlighted throughout)
    • Problem-based Learning
    • Boxed features
    • Self-Assessment (placed at the end of each section)
    • Figures, images, and tables
    • Marginal definitions
  • End of Chapter
    • Chapter Summary
    • Practical activities
    • Suggested reading and resources
    • References
    • Answers
    • Facts about…
  • End of text
    • Glossary
    • Cross-Referenced Topics
    • Index
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