Pearson Mathematics 8 Teacher Companions, 2nd Edition

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Pearson Mathematics 8 Teacher Companions, 2nd Edition

By Evelyn Ashcroft, Terry Byers, Kelly Gallivan, Annette Psereckis, Li Richardson more
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Evelyn Ashcroft all
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The Pearson Mathematics Teacher Companion make lesson preparation and implementation easy by combining full Student Book pages with a wealth of teacher support, to help you meet the demands of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics as well as the Victorian Curriculum.

For each level there are 2 separate bound teacher companion books.  Part 1 covers the chapters 1-5 in the Student Book and Part 2 covers chapters 6-9.


  • Improved contextual teaching suggestions.
  • Binder and booklets format of the first edition replaced with a more manageable, durable and reliable 2-book format.
  • Each Teacher Companion now comprises 2 easy-to-use printed books for each year level.
  • Full answers and worked solutions for every feature in the Student Book.
  • Includes revised and new teaching strategies and class activities with BLMs.
  • Quick quizzes for the start of each lesson.
Table of contents
  • 1. Integers and indices
  • 2. Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • 3. Algebra
  • 4. Ratio and rate
  • 5. Measurement
  • 6. Linear graphs
  • 7. Linear equations
  • 8. Geometry
  • 9. Statistics and probability

Pearson Mathematics is aligned to the Australian Curriculum Mathematics as well as to the Victorian Curriculum Mathematics. We’ve also enhanced the series with improved differentiation to support learners of all abilities, with integrated STEM tasks, rich exploration tasks and coding activities.

Pearson Mathematics provides targeted support to help learners solve problems creatively and apply systematic reasoning.

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