Pearson English 9 Activity Book, 2nd Edition

Prosser, Nerrida

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Pearson English 9 Activity Book, 2nd Edition

By Prosser, Nerrida
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Prosser, Nerrida
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At the 2016 Educational Publishing Association Awards, Pearson English 7-10 2nd edition, Activity Books
were 'Highly Commended' in the category of

  • Student Resource – Junior – English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education


The Second Edition of the Pearson English 9 Activity Book offers updated texts, activities, design and coverage of the Australian Curriculum: English. It caters for students of all abilities, including students with English as an Additional Language.

The Pearson English Activity Books are designed to develop and consolidate students’ knowledge and understanding of the English language and grammar. They integrate cumulative learning in the Language strand of the curriculum, as well as in the Literature and Literacy strands.

Using the Activity Books, students develop higher order language and literacy skills. They are supported with a solid language foundation, clear explanations and scaffolded learning. Students are exposed to rich and varied literature sources and text types, including contemporary and classic texts, Australian Aboriginal storytelling and news articles.

Each level of the Activity Books includes core units which offer clear Language explanations followed by scaffolded activities to use the language in context and build on grammar, vocabulary, spelling, reading and writing skills. At the back of the book, four revision units support students in preparing for summative assessment. Teachers will also find extension activities, tests, pedagogical support, Australian Curriculum correlation charts and more online for free.

Nerrida Prosser is a practising English teacher with a wealth of years experience teaching English in years 7-12 and VCE English Language. She has previously written the successful Pearson English 9 Activity Book first edition.

Contributing Author
Casey Hawkins is a secondary English teacher with a passion for English, History and with specialist training in EAL/D and Linguistics. She has worked as a teacher, house leader and year 7 transition facilitator at Emmanuel College in Melbourne for ten years. She is currently working for a tertiary education foundation program at the University of London, which supports international students in acquiring English.
Enrich mastery of the English language with a wide range of activities and support catering to different levels.
Updated features for Pearson English 7-10 Activity Books Second Edition:
  • Based on research conducted in Australian schools
  • Updated texts, activities and design
  • The Second Edition is fully aligned to the latest version of the Australian Curriculum: English
  • Now catering for the multi-abilities classroom, including students with English as an Additional Language (EAL/D)
  • 2 extra feature boxes for a more complete student support: Hints and running glossary
  • Clear language explanations and a varied range of activities and texts to use the language in context
  • New revision units at the back of the books to help students prepare for summative assessment.
  • Tests, extension tasks, answers, Australian Curriculum correlation charts and insightful teaching support are now provided online for free
The second edition retains the best features of the acclaimed first edition:
  • Written and reviewed by experienced teachers and textbook authors 
  • Activities can be completed in class or independently
  • A write-in resource designed to develop and consolidate students' learning and understanding of the English Language
  • Students have access to extra activities and web destinations online for free.
Target audience
Pearson English 7-10 Activity Books Second Edition are designed for Australian students studying the Australian Curriculum: English from Years 7-10.The Second Edition caters for junior secondary students of all levels of ability, including students with English as an Additional Language (EAL/D).
Series overview
We started with a question: what makes a good English lesson? Pearson English has been built from the ground up to answer that question, by the people who would know best. We commissioned experienced teachers to author the books, asked Educational experts to review the content, met with focus groups including teachers and students from government, independent and Catholic schools and tested all material in classrooms.
The result is the most comprehensive English series, written, reviewed and tested by English teachers. All texts have been independently audited by practising teachers in over 90 hours of revisions and improvements, ensuring that the final content is uniformly excellent and matches the content and assessment requirements of the Australian Curriculum. And our thorough trials mean that you can be sure the texts, tasks and activities are classroom ready.
There is a varied range of texts covering traditional and nontraditional options, including fiction and nonfiction, new articles, letters, advertising, visual prompts, graphic novels, animations, manga, poetry, short stories and plays which also include Australian Aboriginal storytelling and Asia-Pacific literature.
Supplement URL
Visit the Pearson English page for further information about the components of the series, download samples and order an inspection copy.
Table of contents
Pearson English 9 Activity Book Second Edition Contents:

Unit 1 Parts of speech 1 (Revision) - Visual, Novel extract
Unit 2 Parts of speech 2 (Revision) - Visual, Novel extract
Unit 3 Parts of speech 3 (Revision) - Autobiography extract
Unit 4 Verbs and verb tenses - Novel extracts
Unit 5 Writing sentences (Revision) - Novel extract
Unit 6 Subject and predicate (Revision)
Unit 7 Gerunds
Unit 8 Word order - Novel extract
Unit 9 Punctuation 1 (Revision) - Novel extract
Unit 10 Punctuation 2 (Revision)
Unit 11 Figures of speech 1 (Revision)
Unit 12 Figures of speech 2 (Revision) - Novel extract
Unit 13 Figures of speech 3 (Revision)
Unit 14 Allusions
Unit 15 Idioms - Novel extract, Short story
Unit 16 Paradoxes and euphemisms - Visual
Unit 17 Persuasive techniques - Letter, Visual
Unit 18 Symbolism - Visual symbols
Unit 19 Colloquialisms
Unit 20 Synonyms and antonyms - Novel extract
Unit 21 Homonyms - Visual
Unit 22 Direct/indirect speech and active/passive voice - Novel extract
Unit 23 Developing paragraphs 1 - Informative extract
Unit 24 Developing paragraphs 2 - Informative extracts
Unit 25 Developing paragraphs 3 - Biography
Revision 1 Units 1–10
Revision 2 Units 11–15
Revision 3 Units 12–21 - Novel extract
Revision 4 Units 22–25 - News article

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