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Value Pack Developmental Psychology + MyVirtualChild (4e)

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This pack contains 1 copy of Developmental Psychology 4th edition and 1 printed access card to MyVirtualChild.

Developmental Psychology brings together a balanced focus on Australian and international research contributions in developmental psychology. This text addresses the issues of lifespan development in a rigorous and challenging way using a thematic approach.

Research and graduate attributes identify critical thinking as a key attribute for students. This text encourages students to think critically and engage with current research trends. The inclusion of critical thinking components is designed to encourage students to think more deeply about the topics.

This interactive simulation offers students the opportunity to act as a parent and raise a virtual child. By making decisions about specific scenarios, students raise their child from birth to age 18 and see how their own decisions and parenting actions affect their child over time. At each age, students are given feedback about the various milestones their child has attained. As in real life, certain “unplanned” events may randomly be presented for students. Key stages of the child’s development will include personalized feedback.

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Pearson Australia
Table of contents

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to developmental psychology
CHAPTER 2 Foundations of development: Genetics and prenatal development
CHAPTER 3 Physical and motor development
CHAPTER 4 Perceptual development
CHAPTER 5 Stages of cognitive development: Piaget and beyond Piagetian approaches
CHAPTER 6 Cognitive development II: Information-processing, core-knowledge and sociocultural approaches
CHAPTER 7 Language development
CHAPTER 8 Personality development
CHAPTER 9 Social development
CHAPTER 10 Emotional development
CHAPTER 11 Moral development
CHAPTER 12 Psychological problems and development
CHAPTER 13 Conclusions

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Features & benefits
Features of Developmental Psychology
  • Concept Maps highlight how theory and research are linked
  • Stop and Review questions are carefully placed throughout the chapters to encourage students to think at a deeper level about what they have just read
  • Research Focus boxes highlight research studies that provide a deeper coverage of relevant theories covered
  • Practical Exercises encourage students to apply their theoretical knowledge and develop actual research skills in the field of developmental psychology
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