A Survey of Mathematics With Applications, Pearson New International Edition + MyLab Math, 9th Edition

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A Survey of Mathematics With Applications, Pearson New International Edition + MyLab Math, 9th Edition

By Allen Angel, Christine A. Abbott, Dennis Runde
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This pack contains 1 copy of A Survey of Mathematics with Applications, Pearson New International Edition and 1 printed access card to MyLab Math.

Pearson MyLab™ is the world's leading online self-study, homework, tutorial and assessment product designed with a single purpose in mind: to improve the results of all higher education students, one student at a time.

Please note: The duration of access to a MyLab is set by your instructor for your specific unit of study. To access the MyLab you need a Course ID from your instructor.

In a Liberal Arts Math course, a common question students ask is, “Why do I have to know this?” A Survey of Mathematics with Applications continues to be a best-seller because it shows students how we use mathematics in our daily lives and why this is important. The Ninth Edition further emphasises this with the addition of new “Why This Is Important” sections throughout the text. Real-life and up-to-date examples motivate the topics throughout, and a wide range of exercises help students to develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Angel, Abbott, and Runde present the material in a way that is clear and accessible to non-math majors. The text includes a wide variety of math topics, with contents that are flexible for use in any one- or two-semester Liberal Arts Math course.

  • When presenting the math concepts, the authors emphasise 'Why This Is Important' to help students make the connection between their lives and the mathematics they are learning. Why This Is Important notes appear in all chapter and section opener applications as well as the Mathematics Today features.
  • Recreational Math boxes show how math is not only relegated to study environments, but can be entertaining as well. In addition, Recreational Mathematics exercises appear in the exercise sets so that they can be assigned as homework.
  • Mathematics Today boxes discuss current, real-life uses of the mathematical concept in the chapter. Each box ends with Why This Is Important.
  • Chapter and section openers, many of which are updated for the new edition, incorporate applications as a way to motivate students. For example, the opener for Chapter 3 (Logic) demonstrates how logic has become important in electronic devices such as cell phones and digital cameras.
  • Did You Know? are thoughtful boxes that highlight the connections of mathematics to a broad variety of disciplines including history, the arts, science, and technology.
  • Profiles in Mathematics present the stories of people who have advanced the discipline of mathematics in brief historical sketches and vignettes.
  • Support for problem solving and exam preparation helps students achieve success in the course.
  • Chapter Summaries are redesigned in a chart format to make it easier for students to study and review. For each concept, definition, or idea presented, students are directed to the exact place in the text where the item is discussed.
  • Problem solving begins in Chapter 1 where students are introduced to problem-solving techniques and critical thinking. Problem-solving exercises help develop these skills throughout the text.
  • Critical thinking skills are developed throughout the book, including the sections on inductive reasoning, estimation, and dimensional analysis. Challenge Problems also appear in the exercise sets to test a student’s ability to think critically.
  • Timely Tips are easy-to-identify boxes that help students with concept comprehension or relate the material to other sections of the book.
  • Procedures are boxed and set apart from the text for easy identification and future reference.
  • Extensive opportunities to practice and apply the concepts help students learn by doing. In the Ninth Edition, approximately 40% of the examples and exercises are new or updated.
  • Exercise sets now begin with fill-in-the-blank Warm Up Exercises. After that, the exercises include Practice the Skills, Problem Solving, Challenge Problem/Group Activity, Recreational Mathematics, and Internet/Research Activities.
  • Group Projects at the end of each chapter provide an opportunity for student collaboration.
  • Review Exercises are organised by section, helping students see where they are proficient and where they need additional study. In the Ninth Edition, Chapter Tests each contain 20 questions to provide consistency in exam preparation.
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Table of contents
  • 1. Critical Thinking Skills
  • 2. Sets
  • 3. Logic
  • 4. Systems of Numeration
  • 5. Number Theory and the Real Number System
  • 6. Algebra, Graphs, and Functions
  • 7. Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
  • 8. The Metric System
  • 9. Geometry
  • 10. Mathematical Systems
  • 11. Consumer Mathematics
  • 12. Probability
  • 13. Statistics
  • 14. Graph Theory
  • Answers
  • Credits
  • Index of Applications