Discovering Science Upper Primary Pack


Discovering Science Upper Primary Pack

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Discovering Science Packs contain the Teachers Resource Book, with Topic Starter Picture Cards, and 8 Fiction, Comic and Nonfiction Student Topic Books .

Discovering Science Teachers Resource Books are written by experienced classroom teachers, allowing for simple implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Science while keeping learner engagement at the heart of the series.

A step-by-step, easy-to-use teacher resource book that provides teachers with the content and confidence to implement the Australian Curriculum: Science F-6 whilst engaging the learner through a variety of resources, practicals, texts and activities and include many engaging BLMS and creative ideas for field trips.

The Teacher Resource Books unpack the Australian Curriculum: Science and provide detailed Scope and Learning Sequences. In particular, they outline how each Australian Curriculum content descriptor fits in and covers each curriculum strand; including hands-on practical activities that will engage students and get them excited about science around them. They will also outline expected student learning and outcomes at each level.

Each Teachers Resource Books Topic Starter Picture Cards Available in print and digital, picture cards provide visual stimulus for classroom discussion. These cards are included with each Teacher Resource Book.

Fiction Topic Books cover the key strands of the Australian Curriculum while making Science more accessible by teaching concepts through a fictional story with likeable characters. View the Pack Items to access the matching reading levels, and Fountas and Pinnell levels for each book.

Non fiction Topic Books include engaging scientific and historical photographs that give opportunities for classroom discussion.

Julie Williams
Julie has taught Science for over 30 years in both secondary and primary schools and is currently an Assistant Principal. However she has also held positions such as a middle years educator and a teaching and learning coach.  Julie has written and reviewed a variety of educational material as well as provided professional development for teachers across Australia. Julie’s key focus is students valuing and learning the skills and concepts of science through an inquiry approach.

Jim Williams
After completing a B.Sc. (Melb) and teacher qualifications, Jim taught Maths, Chemistry and Science for more than 30 years, the last 20 years at Mentone Girls' Secondary College. Since retiring Jim has contributed to several Pearson Science projects as a reviewer, answer checker and author of on-line questions. Jim is aware of the concerns many primary school teachers face with teaching the sciences, particularly Chemistry and Physics. Jim sees this project as an opportunity to help them and in the process raise the level of science education in Australia.

Anna Pilkington
Anna has been teaching science for thirteen years in various schools both here and abroad. Anna is very passionate about science and loves to engage students through practical investigations. Anna currently holds the position of Teaching and Learning Coach at a P-12 College.  Anna has always been interested in contributing towards an educational resource that engages students, inspires teachers and lifts the veil on scientific concepts to ensure that those who are passing on the knowledge feel confident.  

Rosemary Joslyn
Rosemary Joslyn is a highly experienced Science / Maths teacher who has been teaching for more than 30 years.
Rosemary’s experience ranges from Primary Early Years to VCE Biology & Mathematics. She is currently the Curriculum Coordinator for a Multi Campus and she enjoys creating and implementing innovative curriculum and pedagogy for student engagement and learning.  Rosemary was particularly interested in contributing to the ‘Discovering Science Series’ so that she could help tap into and guide our “youngest scientists” to use their natural curiosity and wonder of their world in a purposeful, scientific way.  In doing so, she feels that she is helping to prepare them for their scientific journey.

Michael Wagner
Michael Wagner is the author of more than 50 books for children which include: the much loved Maxx Rumble series; a trilogy of adventures about a stuffed survivalist called Ted; and a collection of delightfully silly and warm-hearted rompls about a small family called The Undys. Prior to becoming a children’s author, Michael worked as an ABC radio broadcaster for ten years, wrote and produced award-winning animation for TV, and wrote and performed comedy.

Troy Potter
Troy Potter has taught Science and Biology for ten years in schools across Victoria and New South Wales. He has contributed to and reviewed several Pearson resources, including Pearson Science, Pearson Skills: Science and Inquiry, and Heinemann Biology. He holds a Master in Education in Curriculum Development.
The Discovering Science Teachers Resources Books will:
  • At the heart of the series are Teacher Resource Books that provide explicit learning sequences and accompanying practicals for the classroom that give teachers an assurance that the Australian Curriculum: Science for F-6 is being covered in class.
  • Topic Starter Picture Cards, both print and digital provide a tool to introduce topics to students as well as discussion questions
  • Guide teachers through the Australian Curriculum: Science, by providing step by step learning sequences on key, and sometimes difficult, science concepts like: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • There are explicit learning sequences and lesson plans to support you with teaching the curriculum.
  • Provide teachers with fun-filled easy-to-do practical activities. Research has shown that one of the biggest obstacles in teaching Science in the Primary years is the cost and access to equipment. Therefore, we’ve created practical activities that don’t rely on equipment or large budgets to support them.
  • Build teachers knowledge and confidence to teach science in a structured way while supporting the implementation of the Australian Curriculum
  • Provide concept development through levelled student resources, linked to the Teachers Resource Books

Engage students with fiction readers and comics that make science accessible for all learners, especially those who engage visually or struggle with scientific literacy. These simultaneously offer direct support the concepts outlined in the learning sequences
  • You’ll get maximum student engagement with beautifully developed and illustrative Student Topic Books including fiction, non-fiction and comics (middle and upper primary only). These texts make science accessible and make learners more curious about science and the world around them
  • Build knowledge and confidence in both students and teachers by meeting achievement standards specified in the Australia Curriculum: Science
  • Provide concept development through levelled student resources, linked to the Teachers Resource Books
Series overview
Discovering Science is a single solution to address the Australian Curriculum: Science, providing everything you need in one series, while being designed to maximise student engagement.
Following on from the popular Discovering History series, Discovering Science applies the same structure that has made the Discovering History series so popular. The series is comprised of Teacher Resource Books with laminated Topic Starter Picture Cards for Lower, Middle and Upper Primary, and twenty- four levelled Topic Books covering each of the Australian Curriculum strands.
Implement the Australian Curriculum: Science with ease using this suite of products which has been specifically written to fully address the three strands of: Science and Understanding, Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour. Together Discovering Science will guide learners through complex subject matter with easy to understand texts, worksheets and other materials, while engaging students with activities and practical activities. Student Topic Books are also written specifically to address Australian Curriculum: Science content descriptors; and in conjunction with Topic Starter Picture Cards (available in both print and digital format) will introduce topics and stimulate group discussion. The engaging Student Topic Book texts provoke curiosity and make science accessible to the learner through a range of non-fiction and fiction books, as well as graphic novels for middle and upper primary levels.
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