Systems Thinking, Systems Dynamics: Managing Change and Complexity eBook, 2nd Edition

Kambiz E. Maani all

Systems Thinking, Systems Dynamics: Managing Change and Complexity eBook, 2nd Edition

By Kambiz E. Maani, Robert Y. Cavana
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Kambiz E. Maani all
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About the book: Systems Thinking, System Dynamics offers readers a comprehensive introduction to the growing field of systems thinking and dynamic modelling and its applications. The book provides a self-contained and unique blend of qualitative and quantitative tools, step-by-step methodology, numerous examples and mini-cases, as well as extensive real-life case studies. The content mix and presentation style make the otherwise technical tools of systems thinking and system dynamics accessible to a wide range of people.

Table of contents
Foreword to first edition
Preface to second edition

Part I

Chapter 1 Introducing systems thinking
Chapter 2 Systems methodology
Chapter 3 Causal loop modelling
Chapter 4 Dynamic modelling
Chapter 5 Scenario planning and modelling
Chapter 6 Microworlds and learning laboratory
Chapter 7 Systems thinking and the organisation

Part II

Case 1 Sustainability of the New Zealand fishing industry
Case 2 Dynamics of the bird flu pandemic
Case 3 Drivers of quality in health services
Case 4 Supply chain modelling of a beer distribution system
Case 5 Strategy development for a telecommunications business unit