A Critical Guide To Working in the Financial Services Industry, 4th Edition

Kay Waters

A Critical Guide To Working in the Financial Services Industry, 4th Edition

By Kay Waters
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Kay Waters
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A Critical Guide to Working in the Financial Services Industry, provides students who are completing Certificate III and Certificate IV qualifications from the FNS10 Financial Services Training Package with an understanding of the industry, and the interpersonal and written communication skills required to succeed in a clerical or administrative role in the financial services sector.
Table of contents
Part 1: Working in financial services

Chapter 1 - The financial services sector

1.1 What is the financial services sector?
1.2 External factors affecting the financial services industry
1.3 Sustainability issues
1.4 Financial services regulators
1.5 Legislation governing financial services
1.6 Professional organisations and codes of practice

Chapter 2 - Business organisations

2.1 What is an organisation?
2.2 Types of business structure
2.3 Organisational structure
2.4 Business planning and reporting
2.5 Organisational culture

Ch 3 Workplace rights and responsibilities

3.1 Rights and responsibilities
3.2 Ethical work practice
3.3 Confidentiality and security
3.4 Workplace health and safety

Part 2: Working effectively

Chapter 4 - Communicating effectively

4.1 Effective communication
4.2 Spoken versus written communication
4.3 Non-verbal communication
4.4 Methods of business communication

Chapter 5 - Working with others

Working in a team
5.2 Meetings
5.3 Assertiveness, conflict and negotiation
5.4 Managing upwards
5.5 Working with customers

Chapter 6 - Self-management

6.1 Managing your work
6.2 Planning and organising
6.3 Problem-solving
6.4 Managing your development
6.5 Managing change
6.6 Managing stress

Chapter 7 -  Using workplace technology

7.1 Working with documents
7.2 Managing files and schedules
7.3 Using the internet
7.4 Security and confidentiality
7.5 Appropriate use of technology
7.6 Safe and sustainable use of technology

Part 3: Researching, writing and presenting

Chapter 8 - Doing research

8.1 Planning
8.2 Collecting information
8.3 Reading
8.4 Brainstorming
8.5 Surveying
8.6 Interpreting information
8.7 Storing information

Chapter 9 - Writing simple documents

9.1 Planning, drafting, revising
9.2 Writing a memo or email
9.3 Writing a letter
9.4 Writing a short report

Chapter 10 - Writing a long report

10.1 Planning
10.2 Drafting
10.3 Revising and releasing

Chapter 11 - Giving a presentation

11.1 Planning
11.2 Writing the presentation
11.3 Visual aids
11.4 Public speaking