Discovering History (Middle Primary) First Peoples: Later Contact (Reading Level 30+/F&P Level W)

Liz Flaherty

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Discovering History (Middle Primary) First Peoples: Later Contact (Reading Level 30+/F&P Level W)

By Liz Flaherty
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Liz Flaherty
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Later Contact explores two centuries of contact between Australia’s first inhabitants and the British settlers, as well as successive waves of immigrants who came to make Australia their home.

This book is classified as Reading Level 30+ / Fountas and Pinnell Level W. Visit our Levelled readers page for further information on reading levels.


Written by a wide range of experienced children's authors specialising in history at primary level.


Features of this series include:

  • Clear and concise text accompanied by historical and contemporary photographs
  • Fact boxes providing more information related to the text
  • A timeline of key events
  • A glossary explaining new words and phrases
  • An index.
Target audience
Suitable for middle primary students.
Series overview
First Peoples tells you everything you need to know about Australia’s first inhabitants – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Starting with the history of the land, this series covers the arrival and lifestyles of the ancestors of today’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 75,000 years ago, their contact with early international explorers, and the last two centuries of interaction between Australia’s first peoples and new settlers.
Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • European Arrival
  • Tasmania
  • Truganini
  • Coranderrk
  • Central Australia
  • Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • The Stolen Generations
  • Changing Attitudes
  • Appreciating Indigenous Culture
  • Meet David Tournier
  • Meet Travis Varcoe
  • Timeline
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Find Out More

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